Zoe and Jerome

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Zoe and Jerome

[dropcap color=”rosy”]M[/dropcap]yself and Fiancé Jerome Superman(Yes his surname is Superman), went on a backpacking tour to visit my Aunty in Hamburg, Germany and then backpacked to these various cities:

Munich(Oktoberfestival), Italy(Venice),Switzerland(Zurich),Holland(Amsterdam),France(Paris) and this is where our love story began.

Everything went well, travelling with the Eurorail experiencing as much as we can in the short time we had but it was awesome to spend this experience with my best friend. Jerome and were together almost 5 years before he proposed and not the very conventional person. We love hiking, travelling and experiencing new things , we are bikers and believe we have to live our lives to the fullest and experience the most we can in our short lives.

Well the story goes where my brother in law spoke before we left for our journey and he suggested Jerome propose to me on our trip however Jerome not the typical cliché type of person, did not have a plan. Well he had my ring made the Friday before we left and we left Cape Town the Monday.

He also wore my least favorite pants and put the ring in his pants and knew I would not date touch his pants as I hated it so it would be safe there. Lol.

Anyway we travelled most of the cities and wanted to propose in Italy or France but thought it was too cliché especially that it is the two most romantic cities.

We then travelled from Italy to Switzerland however we booked accommodation in a small town a few stations from Zurich however they said it is a 24 hour hotel, when we arrive there @ a weird time of 12pm with the euro rail, when we got to the hotel they were closed, we were tired and needed a shower badly, I was scared as we in a foreign country and it was dark. I was not the happiest person, this tested our love as I was not impressed with Mr Superman at the time lol. He could see that I know had enough. We were forced to sleep on the train station and found a telephone booth yet we could not contact anybody but it was big enough for the two of us as it was extremely cold , as it was in the last day in Sept,it was the beginning of Winter. We could not take a train back as we were on the last train to the suburb and the next train was 6am.  Mr Superman and I took turns to sleep that night and all I could think of “I have a home in Cape Town, with a big Queen size bed and a gorgeous shower”. But we survived and was I not happy to see the first train arrive to take us back to the CBD.

I made him promise as I am a coffee lover that we find a public toilet/shower(Which I am impressed with in Europe however you pay for everything) We paid 12 euro for the shower equivalent to R120 but it was the best shower ever and we had breakfast and my awesome coffee and we got to relax a bit before we started to sight see Zurich.

We walked in the town and visited many famous places ,chocolatiers etc and as we approached the River Limmat I was taking photos of the river and of Jerome and as he wanted to take the camera to take a photo of myself.

He kneeled on the river bank and asked me to “TOSS IN” with him, was I confused and I asked confused what do u mean, He then took the ring out and there it was finally, the proposal he wanted to do since he got on the airplane and travelled with all the time with us and finally he felt this was right and should happen now.

And of course “I SAID YES AND CRIED” and first thing I wanted to do was call my mom in CPT which was my mom’s most expensive call ever but most happiest and also then ran to an internet café to share the news on Facebook.


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  • Charlene

    May you have an awesome wedding.. You both deserve all the happiness God has in store for you!

  • Dona Lee

    Awesome couple

  • Jacky Gounden

    Definitely an awesome couple whose love has proven can withstand anything.

  • simone

    awwwh soooooo sweet 🙂

  • Jacky Gounden

    Definitely an awesome couple whose love has proven can withstand anything. So deserving

  • Bonny Joshua

    The most romantic proposal and and most gorgeous couple I’ve ever met! They deserve to win!

  • Nicky Bester

    Hi guys! If two people were ever meant to be together it is you! You are a beautiful,kind and compassionate couple, who would bend over backwards to help someone you hardly know. You are Good people. You deserve to win for always giving. Good Luck! Will be rooting for you all the way!

  • Chene' Rinquest

    Aw yinne so sweet, I vote Zoë and Jerome <3 . You guys are so lucky to have one another, I'm sure many others would agree, please cherish one another . True love is rare and by the looks of it you guys are two of the few people to ever experience it 🙂

  • alrene blanckenberg

    Zoe and Jerome are in love with their best pals…each other. They are living thier lives together building on a friendship and love that attests to their commitment to each other. Her acknowledgement of him not being and dong the conventional is a sign of thier respect for each other…different yet so alike. One cannot help butsmile in their presence as they radiate thir love for each into thier circle of friends. I wish them all the joy and hapiness in this world znd the next. Gods blesings always.

  • Heidi

    Romantic proposal 🙂 Goodluck with your wedding arrangement’s lovebirds. All the best. Lotsa Love…

  • candice Le Roux

    Love it, lol…….

  • Heather Adriaanse

    I think their story is awesome, filled with obstacles, excitement and romance. Because I know Zoe is the most caring person, always putting others before her and also doing so much for others, she and Jerome really, really deserve this prize. II know it would be the most blessed gift to her and Jerome, ever. What a beautiful couple, inside and out.

  • Youven

    WoW that’s pretty tight lol. Love the fact it WASN’T in the traditional cities. good luck you two.

  • Colleen Arendse

    awesome love story! Supie, who would have thought you were so romantic? i can just picture the 2 of you in years to come, telling this story to your little ones and their little ones :-). wishing you the best of luck & love, always!! Col xxoo

  • Lee Fredericks

    I’ll be proud to have a brother-in-law as Jerome because he has my sister’s best interest at heart. I pray that God will give them both the courage, boldness and wisdom to to enter into the sacred God-given-institution of marriage. Please select them, they’ve managed to care for both my mother and sister at a time where they were destitute. They’ve been a pillar and source of support for me during my divorce, and continue to support our church community projects in Heideveld. I love them both, they are the best humanitarians I know next to my Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. Lee Fredericks.

  • Sandra Dennis

    I think Zoe and Jerome deseve to win, they realy compliment ea other..what a beautiful couple.and an amazing story to tell their kids one day..Good luck to them as they venture on their journey!!

  • melanie le grange

    “Toss in”?…seriously??!! LOVL! Awesome story guys and I wish you loads of happiness on this journey of togetherness. Love always!!b

  • Beverly

    Cute couple

  • Jason Joseph

    Hey Guys,

    I wish you all the best for your future, the best of luck with the competition….
    I must admitt, I had a tear in my eye…that’s until I read..”TOSS IN” … LOL


  • Gretchen Groenewald

    I hope you 2 win the best of luck to both of you. Your story makes me believe that there is true love out there.

  • Marchia

    I think that Jerome and Zoe should win this competition! They are a fantastic couple!

  • Beverley Alexander

    Good luck you two…….

  • Mandy

    Awesome story, not overly romantic, but different & will be a treasured memory.

  • Terri Houghton

    Two beautiful people that have made an amazing couple.

    All the best guys!

    Win or loose your friends love you to the end of the earth!

  • Carina Bezuidenhoud

    What a lovely photo of the two of you!!!
    Holding thumbs that you win the competition, you deserve it!!

  • jude

    a beautiful winning romantic story,

  • Olga Vockerodt-Davids

    beautiful story, just so so awesome

  • Lucille Kolbe

    I love it!!!!! So, Zoe and Jerome..and the “toss in” phrase perfectexspecially after spending teh night in a tele booth…. Definate Winner Guys…

  • Letecia September

    Luv u guys stax. Hope you win

  • Lucrishia

    What a cute proposal

  • Lindsay

    A beautiful romantic story…

  • Sheri

    Good luck guys! Love you x

  • Shelley

    Good luck guys !

  • Carla

    Too sweet- awesome story with a very happy ending…..good luck you two!

  • carla

    What a beautiful proposal. U guys deserve this and Zoe you surely found a SUPERMAN lol…

  • Lauren

    congrats Zoe, the future Mrs Superman….we can call u Louise now…lol
    I wish you everything of the best and hope that you are forever as super happy

  • Raymondee

    Lovely couple, awesome story!! I sincerely hope you win!

  • Karen

    A couple trully deservant of this!! All the best Zozo and Supie!!

  • Saul

    All the best Guys, you totally deserve to win.

  • Marvy

    LOL. That is a classic proposal! Kinda what we did as youngsters with our best friends. Good luck you two. You deserve to win!

  • Buyiswa

    Great story Zoe, All the best guys!!!!!!!

  • Shameelah

    Too cute man. Everything of the best Zoe & Jerome. I know you guys will win.

  • Carmen

    Hope you guys win it, fingers crossed for you!!!!

  • Elroy Le Roux

    Neeeee een ding Kwai suppie, love the story as well. Everything of the best julle tweetjies. Much love and respect !!!

  • Hayley

    “Toss in” hahahahahaaa He is too fabulous! Awesome story, good uck!

  • Regan

    All the best for the future guys. Win or lose this competition the wedding will still be special.

  • Vicky Harper (nee' Superman

    Hey Jerome and Zoe: I think they definately deserve to win. Jerome is teh best. It is because of him taht I found my family in Cape Town and yes his heart is pure. He goes the extra mile for people and taht I have experienced first hand. So Jerome and Zoe you are two of a kind and you deserve to win. God Bless Vicky

  • Kirsten Dennis

    I know you will win this competition, sis!!!!!!!
    I Love You Guys!
    <3 (:

  • Kirsten

    Some Extra Luck, Sis 🙂 <3

  • Carl Lowton

    Hi. I’m the Carl from http://saweddingvenues.com/proposals-2013/justine-and-carl/
    I know this is a competition, and that comments mean votes, but to me it is more than that.
    This is about marriage and the people who take that step. You have chosen this path, and my wish is that your relationship may be blessed.
    Congratulations on your engagement and all the best for the big day – and every day of your journey together.

  • Stephan

    Hi Zoe, wishing you and Jerome a bright and happy future.

  • Kevin

    Hi Supie and Jerome, enjoyed reading your proposal! Everything of the best with the wedding and moving forward with one another in love! KevinG!

  • Craig

    This is a really great story. As unconventional as Jerome :). You have my vote. Good Luck guys.

  • Soraya

    Beautiful story all the best with the preparations and the future Mrs Superman….Mwah

  • Eden

    Dear Jerome and Zoe,

    A friend of Vicky and yes you guys will win .What a proposal.God bless

  • Lynn

    Supie it really is about time now! You are going to make Zoe a really happy wife. Wishing you both a very happy life together.

  • Twin Naik

    Jerome and Zoe

    Wish u guys everything of the best

  • Nerina

    Good luck to you both. May you both be blessed with many more years together.

  • Amanda

    Ooh so sweet man. Zoe and Jerome you both really deserve this. One the most beautiful couples, inside and out.
    Wishing you both everything of the best and may your journey together be an awesome and memorable one. Congrats….

  • Liz Duncan

    To a very special couple
    Who make a perfect pair
    If ever there was someone deserving of
    this awesome prize it’s you guys!

    Best of luck

  • Albernice Blignaut

    All the best. May you both have a wonderful and blessed day.

  • Zerena

    Ahh this gave me goose bumps – so romantic – wish you both everything of the very best.

  • Rodelle Daniels

    Wonderfull story… “Toss In” keeping it real in Zurich, lol

  • Denise

    Congrats! May you have an awesome wedding and happy ever after!

  • Gary

    God’s richest blessings you two,dis by bladdy tyd !!!!!!!

  • Hazel Kordom

    your going to win for sure!

  • Jason

    Hi Guys, all the best !

  • Mr Joseph

    WOW ! Superman ! I’m speechless, good luck with this cometition & all the best for y’ll !

  • Chrissi

    wishing you a very happy and long ‘toss in’ Mr and Mrs Superman! may you fly high and far together :0

  • Liz Duncan

    To a very special couple
    Who make a perfect pair
    If ever there was someone deserving of
    this awesome prize it’s you guys!

    Best of luck

  • Leonie

    This is such a wonderful story this wedding can only be blessed! Good Luck you two.

  • Charmaine

    Just The Way We know Supie!!

  • Pam

    (Work colleage of Vicky) Hey,Jerome and Zoe “Be Blessed in all you desire Naturally and Spiritually, What a lovestory and yes you in it to win it.

  • Ciska

    Such a stunning story, seems you guys were really meant to be together – you have been through so much! Good Luck – you guys deserve to win!!

  • Ivan

    Hope you have a fantastic life together.

  • Matsy

    Awesome couple! You already won it.

  • natasha joseph

    Guys you know mos what God has for you is for you.
    Good luck for the competition.

  • Gwen Simmers

    ag jinne man so beautifull.Gud luck i know you will win.

  • Nelmarie lammerinks

    good luck guys,go for it

  • Martin

    As you slide down the bannister of life together may the splinters never point the wrong way

  • leandre cloete

    To zoe & supie ,you guys deserve this ,awsome story i tell you .

  • Julie van Zyl

    Good Luck! You guys deserve to win! Beautiful story!

  • Byron

    an inspiration! You two are ALWAYS so beautiful together. I really hope u win this comp guys! All the best in becoming Mr and Mrs Superman! 😀

  • edwin

    How sweet!

  • Bubba

    WOW, I never knew that the man of steel(Superman) was such a big ole softy lol, Well, I must say im impressed.

    No two people deserve each other more than the two of you do,
    I pray that GOD grant you all the wishes of your hearts,
    The wisdom to use your days to praise his glorious name,
    The strength to carry each other over the rocks of life.

    Wish you the best of the best,
    Lets see you guys take this one


  • Nicolene Janse van Rensburg

    Dit is regtig ‘n baie pragtige en romatiese storie. Baie sterkte vir julle toekoms saam.

  • gerelda kock

    lovely story, soon to b Mrs Superman, (goodluck)

  • Lizelle Hugo

    Great story! Good luck!

  • Lindsay Franks

    Good luck guys. U definitely deserve to win the prize. Crossing fingers and toes. Good luck xxx

  • Pauline

    tooo sweet. hope you guys get it

  • Tammy Lefebure

    Stunning story guys! It’s what fairytales are made of. Much love xxx

  • Micheal Ahmed

    May they continue to be as blessed as they’ve been

  • sandra

    Hi Zoe-Zoe, I just love your story, soooo romantic. Best of luck.

  • Candice van Niekerk

    Everything of the best for the future guys.

    You deserve to win this competition, good luck 🙂 xoxoxo

  • Matthew Gounden

    Stunning couple

  • Serona Naidoo

    Aaaaaah so so sweet…… U both r definitely going to win:):):)

  • Scotty

    I have known Zoë for a few years now but I have never heard this amazing (unconventional) romcom story before.It’s nice to finally hear about how it came together.
    I know these people to be self sacrificing folks who’s generosity knows no bounds.I really hope they win this prize so I can get an invite.lol.But seriously…They deserve it

  • clintt +janice

    Hi guys hope guys win u deserve 2 after all u gonna get married 2 superman lol

  • Grace Brady

    Good luck guys. You both deserve this, you make a wonderful cupple

  • Zane

    All the best guys, good story. You deserve the prize for this!

  • Tracy

    Beautiful story, beautiful couple.

    Best of luck 🙂

  • Garrett

    Good luck guys…..

  • jermaine johnson

    good luck guys!!! you will win this your boy DIZZY!

  • Kaltoema

    May you have an amazing & romantic wedding and love each other dearly everyday for many years to come!!

  • Abigail

    Love your story, very sweet!!! All the best to you guys! Xx

  • chrisy

    beautiful proposal for a beautiful couple

  • Andrea Cottle

    te oulik,crossing everything that can be xxxxxxxxx

  • Simone

    Hehehehe… he proposed like only Supie would;) Love you guys. All the best for the competition. xxx

  • Angeline

    Good Luck to both of you. I can’t think of a better couple to win this!

  • Cindy

    All the Best Zoe and Jerome, Wish you guys all the happiness in the world with lots of Beautiful kids 🙂

  • Karl

    Good luck Zoe and Jerome 🙂

  • NatalieJ

    Sweet! Supie, jy’s te oulik:)
    You guys complete each other and deserve it!

  • sharon appany

    U guys r so blessed to have one another. Good luck

  • Adele Joseph

    Hi Zoe & Jerome – very nice proposal. God’s richest blessings on ur big step!! Good luck

  • Giovanni

    Go Superman (up up and away)

  • felicia

    With your beautiful personality you will win. U will definitely make a Radiant bride with your handsome Superman 🙂

  • Nigel

    Good Luck guys… 🙂

  • Simone

    All the best you two 🙂 mwah

  • Naz

    What an awesome proposal!

  • Chrystal

    All the best with the wedding prep Zoe & Jerome. Zoe is an awesome woman…I met her at year of 2012 and her warm personality makes for a great wife and a perfect mother! Jerome you are a lucky “SUPER”man!

  • Alan

    What a great story Zoe and well done Supie. What a great proposal buddy, lol. All the best for the future guys and good luck with the competition.

  • Andre Arendse

    Hope you guys win! You deserve it!

  • Warren

    Awesome guys, best of luck to you, now and forever.

  • Beverley Van Wyk

    All the best Zoe and Jerome. God Bless you. You will definitely win. Baie Pragtig!!

  • Grant

    All the best to the lovely couple!

  • Lisa

    I love your story! All the best Zoe & Jerome! You deserve to win 🙂

  • Shantle Williams

    Wow!!!! Finally guys. I’m soo happy for the both of you, Wishing you all of the best and good luck with the competition.

  • Cyndie Dennis

    Oh my gosh! You’ve finally set a date.
    You guys have been through a lot in your 200 years
    of being together. You really deserve to win this
    Competition. I wish you guys all the best.
    Please Jerome, don’t ever forget your future wife,
    Or take her for granted. Then again, you’ve always
    Made her a priority. Zoe, as long as you share every
    Fibre of your being, your future hubby will be yours
    Forever! Enjoy this journey, it’s going to be beautiful!
    Good Luck xxx

  • crystal

    I wish u guys everything of the best love to u both

  • Tougieda Ismail

    Luv the story , u r the perfect couple. Best of luck

  • Ashels

    All the best guys,hope my vote counts.Nice one Supie.You know when you toss in completely
    it’s no more game for abc. Zoe rules,Zoe sack. lol.Good Luck!!

  • Dalecia

    Good Luck to you’s amazing story

  • Belinda Keva

    Such a cute couple!
    You deserve to win.
    All the best. Mwah:)

  • Violla

    All the best

  • Kurt Storm

    Congrats to both of you again and all the best for the future. Never new “supie” was nogal that romantic. You guys def get my vote

  • Warren M. Walker

    Its so about time guys. I can’t think of a better suited couple than you guys. All our love

  • Josephine Jacobs

    Congratulations to the both of you.May your lives be filled with Love & Blessings.You deserve to win.So you get my vote.

  • Kerryn Martin Klaasen

    Hi Zoe i’m so happy that you have found your future partner & husband.May all dreams come true.Love & Trust as well as Communication is the ingredients in one’s marriage.Make God the centre of your marriage.You deserve to win.You get my vote as well as my husband David’s too.

  • Jakes

    Hey dude, that’s a very romantic story. Best wished for the future.

  • Rene

    May your wedding be beautiful, but the marriage even more beautiful and blessed.

  • Angela

    Wishing you an Supie a lifetime of happiness together 🙂

  • Lucien

    Got my vote!

  • Naren Williams

    Good Luck Guys!!

  • Stanley

    Well done Supie!!! Wishing you all the best for the future!!! Superman has finally met he’s match!!!!! 🙂

  • Craig

    Awesome story! 🙂

  • Justine

    Awesome story…best of luck! 🙂

  • Linda-Marie Jonker

    Hi, good luck with the planning!!! I vote for you!

  • Marlo

    ATB. All The Best.
    Good luck with the future







  • Kevin

    Congrats!! Hope you win!!

  • AdnaanG

    Awesome story – All the best for your future together 🙂

    I definitely VOTE for you…

  • carl van reenen

    All of the best guys

  • Cindy

    Awesome, good luck

  • Lizelle Wilson

    Whenever I hear the name Zoe Fredericks,I can only just say Amen,God is Good,all the time.I haven’t seen you in years but God had only good things in store for you..and yes,good men do still exist!I can remember we still joked at the physio and you said when will things come right for us…and I answered,nothing happens in our time but Gods time..I am extremely happy for you and thank you Jerome for being her Superman..I salute you…love u Zoe..and I pray that yall win..julle wil net oulik wees..lol

  • Tamlyn

    All the best with the competition…love the story!

  • Stefni

    Adorable! All the best Zoe and Supie 🙂

  • Tersia

    good luck

  • Mark

    Good luck Zoe & Superman!!!

  • Nicola Britt

    Lovely story. You deserve to win. Wish you a lifetime full of happiness.

  • Richard

    WOW, what an amazing and romantic proposal. Wishing you well on your journey

  • Merle Jansen

    All God’s blesssings for the future.

  • Robert Campbell

    Zoe and Jerome,you guys are a awesome couple and many times a reminder to us long termed married couples of how we were and sometimes tend to forget yet seeing you’ll a reminder of what to strive for in love. Many a journeys around the world you two have taken yet THE journey has begun and wish you two the world which you can conquer. After all Zoe you are in the arms of SUPERMAN.

  • Fred Arendse

    All the best Jerome and Zoe, much L&R

  • Gaynor

    Congrats! Awesome story… You got my vote, Goodluck:)

  • kaelyn

    All the best to Jerome and Zoe.

  • Murray

    Good luck guys !

  • Pamela Davids

    Good luck guys, you deserve it.

  • Julian

    Zoe and Jerome… my brother and sister from another mother you deserve to be no.1

  • Lindsay

    Congratulations and Good luck

  • Kim ryan

    Truelly an amasing story. I wish u Zoe all the happiness that you so rightfully deserve.good luck babes! Xxx

  • TAnia Abrahams

    Good luck to both of you. You have been together so long. It is high time you get married and set off into the sunset on your motorbike.

  • Gary

    Awesomeness begins this way. Great story!

  • Merle Jacobs

    Hey u 2,u truly a romantic and blessed couple.all the best for u

  • Amelda Olivier

    Pragtige storie. Hoop julle sal baie gelukkig wees.

  • Bob

    Hi, Hope you two have a wonderful life together…Be happy…


    Go Superman Go!!


    I wish you luck.


    The best superman proposal in the world.
    Best of luck.


    GO SUPERMAN GO!! Best of luck guys.


    The best proposal ever.

  • Morgan Thomas

    I wish u 2 best of luck and that is truly a superman proposal.

  • Carmen

    All the best guys!

  • lyntina benjamin

    Sweetest couple ever! Good luck guys and all the best:-)

  • Kim Green

    You know u have my vote from the moment you met!

  • Kelli De Wet

    Nunu def wants u to win. U guys rock!

  • John Busa Pass

    Great Friends,Great Couple and Great future ahead. Busa Assoc #5

  • Dalton

    May your journey together ahead be blessed and fruitful, filled with joy, love and hope in abundance…

    “Four wheels move the body, two wheels move the soul.”

    Now go ride off into that magical sunset!!!

  • Christoph

    Spending time with Zoe & Jerome in Hamburg as a 16 yr. old youngster, I would like to have this wonderful couple as my friends!!!!

  • Linda Volkmer

    As Zoe’s aunt, I accomodated the happy humourous couple in Hamburg. We had real fun & happy times. The sad time was when the went back home.

  • Louisa

    ahh to sweet man!! best wishes guys mwah

  • Wolf

    To J/Z (not Jacob)
    You’re on the threshold of a
    wonderful life as husband and wife!
    Congratulations and Best Wishes!!

  • Dalene Loots

    Good Luck U 2 and everything that is bright and beautiful on your forth coming marraige together. “mwah”

  • Yolanda

    So romantic! Best of luck for the two of you.

  • Darron

    Many blessing and good luck for the future.

  • Milicia

    This story was so awesome. Here’s wishing you guys goodluck on your future journey together

  • TheresaB

    What a wonderful story.
    Hope your life together is as exciting as this story! 🙂

  • Shailyn

    Good luck with the competition. You guys deserve it!

  • Nadia

    I hope you guys win! Good luck

  • heidi

    Bet wishes for both of you and i hope you win

  • Julie Herholdt-Van Wyk

    Good luck with the competition, I hope you guys win!!!xxx

  • Tahira Edwards

    I wish u luck guys. U deserve to win this! Awesome story.

  • Athenia

    Such a beautiful proposal, all the best 🙂

  • Claudia Petersen

    I think u guys are a gorgeous couple and deserve all the happiness in the world, Good luck guys.

  • Carin September

    Your love is like a ring,it is never ending. Neither of you are perfect but too each other you are perfectly imperfect but together you guys are perfect.

  • Maximilian Volkmer

    Beim Kennenlernen dieses überaus sympatischen Paares bei ihrer Rucksack-Reise durch Teile Europas, habe ich bemerkt, wie neugierig
    und wissensdurstig auf alles Neue es war, Zoe u. Jerome passen ganz einfach zusammen.

  • Cuan Edick

    All the best for the future n the competition guys, mwah

  • Marion

    Best wishes Zoe and Superman:)

  • Deidre

    Happiness to you both! Love you guys a million times 😉

  • Margot

    “Toss in”.. in true Superman style.. He really loves you!!! Very happy for you guys.

  • Lorraine

    Goodluck guys!!!! Love you both and you definitely deserve to win. God Bless.

  • Zoe and Superman

    aww so sweet guys……….holding thumbs for you……….me and Gino…..

  • Petronella

    He proposes and you leave him to do a status update, awwwwwwww 😉

  • Bronwyn Classes

    What a story. Best wishes for you special day!

  • Wendal

    Stunning story, …good luck, best wishes for your life together, ….you guys deserve to win this!

  • Joey

    To infinity…. AND BEYOoOND!!!!

  • Ingrid Munro

    Such a wow story!!! very touchy, had to run for tissues. All the best for your future.


    To a wonderful couple. You two truly deserve each other. Love is a powerful thing and yours runs deep, at least from what I can see. You deserve the fairytale wedding and I hope you two win this competition. All of the best with the wedding plans and may your relationship go from strength to strength. MWAH

  • Hylton Malander

    Best of luck to the two of you, p.s whether you win or lose Mr Superman is bound to fly you to the moon and back…….

  • shevon

    hope you guys win

  • Jerome Erasmus


  • John Hoffman

    May the love that the two of you have for each other, strengthen the friendship among you.

  • Charmaine

    Good Luck you two………. Just the way we know you Sups

  • Abigail

    I know you guys are gonna win this!!! All the best!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂

  • Melanie Johannes Le Grange

    Love personified 🙂

  • Norma Gabriel

    Good luck Guys

  • jo-anne

    good luck you guys mwah

  • Carmen Bruiners

    Good luck guys!!!! Hope you win. God Bless.

  • debbie buys

    Awesome story!!!! Hope you guys win!!!

  • Ann Grundling

    Zoe (future Mrs Superman) – i love your story and I pray for a “neverending song of love” – remember do not give up on each other.

  • victoria galada

    i wish you all the best guys God bless you

  • Chantelle

    Aww that is so sweet love this story doing lots of things together. ‘Toss in with me’ best proposal and so sweet, like you are my partner and friend too 🙂

  • Kurt

    You definitely have my vote. All the best, you deserve this!!!

  • Charlie Massey

    What a wonderful story – I’m all teared up…so glad I followed your link from TaxiVision! 🙂

  • Lenoray

    Soooo romantic … keep that romance alive always

  • Charl

    A must win!!!

  • Belinda

    I am voting today because it is MY 22nd anniversary and I’m hoping that it will bring you luck. All the best.

  • Gio

    Good Luck you guys!

  • Levina

    That is tooooo beautifull. LOVE IT!!!!

  • Waseema Zeeman

    Zoe and Jerome you guys deserve this. All the best

  • Ameen

    Good Luck Guys!

  • Wendy Rieken

    You guys are so unique, and so typically, beautifully CAPE TOWN, that you absolutely MUST win this! With Love from LightandLove Photography xx

  • glynnes

    Great story….everything of the best to you both

  • Nerisa

    Wishing you a lifetime of many blessed memories together as husband & wife and as friends.

  • Hilary

    May you experience a lifetime of happiness and may your union be blessed with love, joy and laughter always.

  • Vicky Harper (nee' Superman

    hey you two, the best love it
    from Lesley-Ann

  • Kenneth Harper

    Hey Jerome and Zoe
    Thanks for helping my wife out, you filled the puzzle. God bless, you ahve to win

  • Kaelyn Harper

    Hey uncle Jerome and aunt Zoe
    All the best, you got to win

  • Lesley-Ann Fenner

    Hey uncle
    You have to win I am praying

  • Narese

    So special, hope u guys win.xoxo

  • Ricky Permall

    You guys make an awesome couple, all the best.

  • cecelia

    Aaaaawwww,what a beautiful story and a beautiful couple.. My best wishes for you for the wedding and for the rest of your lives . All the best to you. God bless!

  • Meagan Meyer

    I wish you luck cuz. Hugs

  • Lauren Meyer

    Woohooo soon to be mr & mrs superman,,luv u cuz

  • Steven

    Wishing you guys all the best! 🙂

  • Clare

    Well done Mr. Spiderman… Fingers crossed Zoe. All the best 🙂

  • joshua

    Amazing couple and Zoe really a suPerwoman. HAv. A blessed life together guys

  • Meagan T

    Wish u luck with the wedding and may it be blessed with Gods love.

  • Winnie Meyer

    May God bless u and good luck.

  • Jeremy Thomas

    Best of luck guys!!!

  • JT

    Sterkte julle!!

  • Nicole

    Best wishes Supie and Zoe,mwah

  • Tyrone Petersen

    Go Supie!

  • Rochelle Petersen

    Good luck Supie and Zoe, hugs

  • Thabit

    Best of luck guys!!! Do it for CPT

  • Gershwin Fortuin


  • Trudy

    To the most awesome couple who deserve first place

  • Olive

    Schweet man! Congrats u guys. Wishing u all the bestest!

  • veruschka

    All the best, you guys deserve the win. Awesome couple

  • Julie

    My vote is in!! Good luck guys

  • Romy

    Best wishes guys!!!

  • R Mellin

    I vote for you!!!!!!!

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