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Zoe and Jerome

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Zoe and Jerome

[dropcap color=”rosy”]M[/dropcap]yself and Fiancé Jerome Superman(Yes his surname is Superman), went on a backpacking tour to visit my Aunty in Hamburg, Germany and then backpacked to these various cities:

Munich(Oktoberfestival), Italy(Venice),Switzerland(Zurich),Holland(Amsterdam),France(Paris) and this is where our love story began.

Everything went well, travelling with the Eurorail experiencing as much as we can in the short time we had but it was awesome to spend this experience with my best friend. Jerome and were together almost 5 years before he proposed and not the very conventional person. We love hiking, travelling and experiencing new things , we are bikers and believe we have to live our lives to the fullest and experience the most we can in our short lives.

Well the story goes where my brother in law spoke before we left for our journey and he suggested Jerome propose to me on our trip however Jerome not the typical cliché type of person, did not have a plan. Well he had my ring made the Friday before we left and we left Cape Town the Monday.

He also wore my least favorite pants and put the ring in his pants and knew I would not date touch his pants as I hated it so it would be safe there. Lol.

Anyway we travelled most of the cities and wanted to propose in Italy or France but thought it was too cliché especially that it is the two most romantic cities.

We then travelled from Italy to Switzerland however we booked accommodation in a small town a few stations from Zurich however they said it is a 24 hour hotel, when we arrive there @ a weird time of 12pm with the euro rail, when we got to the hotel they were closed, we were tired and needed a shower badly, I was scared as we in a foreign country and it was dark. I was not the happiest person, this tested our love as I was not impressed with Mr Superman at the time lol. He could see that I know had enough. We were forced to sleep on the train station and found a telephone booth yet we could not contact anybody but it was big enough for the two of us as it was extremely cold , as it was in the last day in Sept,it was the beginning of Winter. We could not take a train back as we were on the last train to the suburb and the next train was 6am.  Mr Superman and I took turns to sleep that night and all I could think of “I have a home in Cape Town, with a big Queen size bed and a gorgeous shower”. But we survived and was I not happy to see the first train arrive to take us back to the CBD.

I made him promise as I am a coffee lover that we find a public toilet/shower(Which I am impressed with in Europe however you pay for everything) We paid 12 euro for the shower equivalent to R120 but it was the best shower ever and we had breakfast and my awesome coffee and we got to relax a bit before we started to sight see Zurich.

We walked in the town and visited many famous places ,chocolatiers etc and as we approached the River Limmat I was taking photos of the river and of Jerome and as he wanted to take the camera to take a photo of myself.

He kneeled on the river bank and asked me to “TOSS IN” with him, was I confused and I asked confused what do u mean, He then took the ring out and there it was finally, the proposal he wanted to do since he got on the airplane and travelled with all the time with us and finally he felt this was right and should happen now.

And of course “I SAID YES AND CRIED” and first thing I wanted to do was call my mom in CPT which was my mom’s most expensive call ever but most happiest and also then ran to an internet café to share the news on Facebook.


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