Anneke and Hennericho

Anneke and Hennericho

I have been telling her for about a week that I have something special planned for her on Valentine’s Day. Unknowingly she had given me the idea to take her to Buffelsdrift in Oudtshoorn as they had a Valentine’s dinner on but as far as she was concerned we didn’t have money to go. About a week before the day I had booked our spot and started getting everything together.

First of all I had to get the ring. The morning I got up and while she was in the shower, I stole one of her rings to take with me to work so that I have the right size. I went to our local mall where there are a few jewellery shops. Now I had the big problem of choosing one without her being there to tell me if she likes it. I had to get some help from the ladies in the store. I eventually found a really nice ring that I think she would like. Now at home it was a problem of trying to put her old ring back and hiding her new ring away. I told her that I found her old ring on the counter top while I was sweeping out the floor. She had no idea.

The big day eventually came. I took half day at work as I needed to drive to Oudtshoorn. On the way my car nearly broke down next to the road and I thought that my big night wasn’t going to happen. Fortunately my car pulled itself together and got us safely to Buffelsdrift. She was very surprised and excited when she saw where we were going.


At the game lodge we were welcomed by very friendly people and taken to a special Lapa where the dinner would be held at. This was the first time I’ve been here so I had no idea on how I was going to ask her but thought I would just go with the flow. We put our stuff down and was taken just outside the Lapa where they brought 3 elephants to us. Was very scary at first standing in front and so close to such gigantic animals. The game ranger introduced himself and the animals. They then brought us some pears that was put inside a hollowed out watermelon with cut out hearts on them. They told us then to each take 2 pears, walk up to one of the elephants, give one to him by his trunk and then walk up under his trunk and place your hand with the pear inside his mouth while smiling for the camera. After the photo, you would then turn your back and ask the elephant for a hug. It would then wrap it’s trunk around you and give you a gentle squeeze. (wow, their trunks are very heavy)

We then were shown how they throw a ball, kick a ball and do all sorts of tricks. After they were done we were taken to the Lapa again where we were given some cocktails. At our table were 2 little cards where we could write something to our valentine. This card would then be placed inside a bucket and two were drawn for a lucky prize, the other would then be placed on a wall where we could go fetch it afterwards. I first thought of writing “will you marry me” on the card and then when we go fetch them off the wall, go down on one knee while she would read my card. I decided against this as she had told me if I was ever to ask her, not to do it in front of many people.

The night went on. The Lapa was build in such a way that you have the perfect sunset over the mountains. This really set the mood. They then brought us our food, a platter that would make anyone’s mouth water!! And of course strawberries and chocolate sauce.

Another couple did the more traditional thing of having the ring in the champagne. Now the pressure was on. I then started asking her things like, would you like it if I had to do that… after a while they brought out some props to take a picture with. One of these things was a chalkboard shaped heart. I thought this would be the perfect way. I asked her if she wanted to get a picture taken. While she was getting up, I got the ring out and took it with me. I then took the chalkboard off of the table and got onto my one knee and started to write: “Wil you marry me”. I looked up at her and she looked speechless. The first word that came out of her mouth was: “Yes, but you cant ask that without a ring”. This is when I took out the ring and showed it to her. Her eyes lit up and her face was full of smiles. She didn’t expect a thing.

The night really turned out well. I couldn’t have asked for a better scene of mood. Everything was just perfect. Now she can’t stop looking at wedding venues, dresses, decorations… Really can’t wait for the wedding which we decided will be in 2015.



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