Bonita and Debra

Bonita and Debra

It happened like this. When i got home from work on 29 March 2013 good friday. My now fiance requested that i should wait outside for a few minutes. When she opened the door and finally let me in, the whole house was full of rose petals and lit tealight candless. The rose petals led to the bathroom and when i entered the bathroom there was a ready run bathtub with bubbles and rosepetals in it. On the toilet was my pyjamas and a pink rose on top of it. I finished bathing and got out.

When i entered the living room i sat down. Noticing my girlfriend coming down the hallway i got up. I saw she has got a tray in her hands. When she came closer she went on one knee and in the tray was castor sugar and written in it in chocolate syrup was ths words marry me and she tied the engagement ring around a lindt easter bunny’s neck. And then i said yes.


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