Bronwyn and Scott

Bronwyn and Scott

My fiancé found a heart shaped rock years ago before we got together that he kept with him because it appealed to him and he wanted to use it for a special lady one day.

When he was ready to ask me, he got his inherited diamond from his grandmother made into the engagement ring style that we were “browsing for interest sake”. He decorated the rock and waited until we went away for the weekend to his friend’s 30th birthday party on the coast. One of the cousins is a professional photographer so he organised her to do a “couples shoot” for us on the beach. During the shoot he was pointed out all the different stones on the beach and eventually said, hey look at this one……………which was the decorated rock he had done. It had the date and our names on the front and “will you marry me” on the back. He didn’t expect me to turn it over so fast so he was still getting down on one knee when I saw the proposal on the back. He was so flustered he held the ring toward him instead of me. Hahaha!

And because of the couple shoot being done the WHOLE thing is recorded forever in these beautiful photos. I’ve attached a collage I made to show you.

I think it is one of the most romantic proposals ever. Well, it was for me, anyway.


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