Carmen and Jonathan

Carmen and Jonathan

Our romantic engagement story started a few months ago when my Fiancé called me to confirm the day we would be arriving at our holiday destination as he wanted to make dinner reservations.

I am considered the “Planner” in our relationship, so that the fact that he was thinking this far ahead made me quite suspicious as we had been talking about getting married for quite some time.

The months following I kept looking for “Signs” from family and friends about whether my suspicions were true, but got no hint whatsoever (Might I add that basically everyone we knew were informed, including distant family in Australia) I decided to let go of the idea in case it didn’t happen and disappoint myself.

We then proceeded to the restaurant just before sunset and it was beautiful.

A luxury lodge overlooking the Knysna lagoon, we were placed on a deck reserved only for us with white linen and fairy lights.

After we placed our order for dinner, my Fiancé very nervously excused himself to the rest room and when he returned went down on one knee.

The next few minutes are a complete blur as I was so overwhelmed that all my dreams were finally coming true, but this is no problem as my Fiancé had also arranged a professional photographer to capture every moment. Once I had composed myself, we then went down to the beach for a small engagement photo shoot.

The beach as well as the restaurant were filled with people clapping and cheering for us, a few of them from the beach came up to the restaurant to congratulate us.

This was a fairy-tale evening that I will never forget, and couldn’t have dreamed up a better way of getting engaged J

Photos attached, I have had to paste them in word as the files are too large to email.

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