Celeste and Winray

Celeste and Winray

Myself and my then boyfriend had booked a one night stay with Getaway coaches which is in Rayton. They have an old train which they have converted into accommodation facilities ( kind of hotel) and we thought it would be very nice to experience this.

After checking in we decided to grab our basket of goodies and go and picnic on the lawn since the weather was so beautiful. He kept on saying that he was not feeling well. Said it felt as though he was getting flu. He told me that he had packed vitamins and he was going back to the room to get them and hopefully they would make him feel better. I was so worried and said that if he does not feel better within an hour we should rather go back home.

We returned to the picnic spot with a bottle of Cal-C Vita. He gave me the bottle and said “please open and take one out while I get a bottle water” when I opened the bottle to get one of the vitamins out, instead of having the Cal-C-Vita fall out a diamond ring fell out into my hand. I was so surprized and when I turned around he was on bended knee. He gave me a beautiful speech before asking me to marry him and of course I accepted.

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