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Daniella and Nathan

Daniella and Nathan

The proposal amalgamated in one from two perspectives of Daniella & Nathan 

Daniella : Being the control freak I am and after months of planning the 10 day New York trip itinerary down to the last second of the day, I did not foresee how the most romantic engagement could have fitted in it.

Nathan : I had been planning the proposal for some time knowing that we were going to the Big Apple. New York is an enormous place with an energy that is impossible to describe. The enormity brings with it some challenges in choosing a place to propose. Fortunately, upon Daniella’s insistence, we took a photo tour which took us all over the city to see and of course capture the city.

Daniella : The day started with a photo tour of New York, which surprisingly, my fiancé, Nathan, was keen to do despite his displeasure to ever taking photos.

I loved every minute of the tour, doing the two things I love with someone I love, seeing the sights and experiences that a foreign city has to offer whilst capturing the highlights tangibly.

The tour allowed us to see the most romantic and picturesque parts of central park, which in hindsight is how I now know my fiancé, Nathan, got to see the place for where he would eventually go down on one knee and disallow any chance of me becoming suspicious of his motive.

Nathan : Later that day, we took a long meandering walk on the Highline, which was my first choice for the proposal given its uniqueness and the somewhat strange fusion of urban renewal and park life. An elevated park running down Manhattans West Side, formerly a railway track, the park navigates its way through the high rises, and offers a connection to nature within an environment personifying the concrete jungle. What better place to go down and one knee and hopefully achieve Daniella’s hand in marriage? Well, the fact that there many people milling around made it impossible to find a semblance of privacy. So, alas it was not meant to be and another venue would need to be sought.

Daniella : Again, oblivious to the true intentions of what was going on, Nathan suggested we walk to the Hudson River and we found a comfy old bench and sat and absorbed the fruitful rays of a sunset over the river again with the bustle occurring all around us.

We were making our way back to the hotel and Nathan insisted we walk through central park and have a look at the Manhattan skyline at night particularly at one place he said he remembered from the tour earlier in the day. All to reluctant, with very sore feet and weary eyes, we made our way through a maze of the 778 acre park, where he brought me to the Pond which provides an 180 degree view of electrified high rise buildings, which made the phrase ” There is something in the New York air that makes sleep useless” all to authentic.

Despite the millions of people who stream through every inch of NYC, we were the only ones on the bridge; it felt like it was written in the stars even just for that moment.

We took in New York in all its glory, but whilst I was instructing Nathan to take photos of the view, Nathan than turned to me and took my hand and began to go down on one knee. Being the expressive and well versed person he is, he was not short of articulating how he felt about me and us. However, after all that he poured out, I can only now remember “…will you marry me?”

Nathan : So with the nerves setting in, a light sweat developing, I went down on one knee. I took Daniella’s hand and asked for her hand in marriage. She was completely taken aback. I could never have hoped to have taken her by such surprise.

Daniella : The ring he presented glistened from the city lights as I stood in absolute shock and what a few seconds past for me to take it all in, felt like a lifetime to Nathan for me to respond. And of course I replied “Yes”.

Nathan: Despite that she responded immediately, once she had regained composure, with a yes. With that yes I knew I had a partner for life, someone to call my wife, a confidant and the mother to my children.

Daniella : Unfortunately the ring did not fit my finger but that did not take away the speciality of the moment as we embraced each other.

It truly is the engagement I couldn’t have imagined, because it’s the surprise proposal I always wanted, with a ring I love and a blushing story to go with it.

Of course from than on the remainder of the trip was only that much more special and we stuck to the rest of the itinerary 🙂

daniella and Nathan


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