Denise and Roan

Denise and Roan

I’m a flight attendant at SA Express Airways, I was rostered to go sleep in Bloemfontein Protea Hotel, where we do nightstops, on 24 April 2013.

I got to the hotel, the hotel staff greeted me and my crew and then they asked me if Im Denise, I said yes, then they assigned me a certain room, when I got to my room I opened the door and there was balloons all over the bed, and a polystyrene playboy bunny, my 21st birthday theme, and also in polystyrene a heart saying be mine, and a teddy bear in the middle of the bed, I thought I was in someone elses room and called my fellow cabin crew member to come and have a look, she said ‘your man is gonna ask you to marry him’, so I said he would never ask me over the phone, I was shocked and called the manager as well and she kept on saying no this is your room, so I decided im gonna call my fiance, because I thought maybe he asked them to decorate it to make me feel special because I dont like sleeping away from home, then he never answered the phone, so I said I will phone him back later and everyone left my room, I closed the door and went to take off my shoes, suddenly there was a knock on my door, I thought my its my fellow crew member again, opening the door…… there was my fiance standing with room service, I was soooooo suprised and happy to see him I didnt realise what was going on, then he came in and lifted the cover on the plate and there was my ring in the centre in a Browns box with chocolate writing on the sides of the plate asking me to marry him, he went down on his knees, shaking, and of coarse I said yes.

Then we got complimentary champagne and a butler to pour it for us, I must say that was the best night of my life. He spent so much money to fly down to Bloemfontein, hire a car and organize all of this with the staff and he decorated the whole room himself.

Thats my story.




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