Devarshni and Theo

Devarshni and Theo

Theo and i met, when i relocated to Durban in 2011. We were introduced by my sister who wanted me to make new friends as I was back home after 8 years. We became swept up in a fun, new and exciting friendship that quickly turned into a relationship. After just 2 months of dating we would joke about getting married. After a year of dating we began serious talk about marriage and i wanted to be engaged before my sister’s wedding, as i knew a frequent question at the wedding would be ” so when is your big day?”. Time went by and on special occasions i waited in anticipation for the ring, but nothing happened. Randomly one week in March 2013, Theo mentioned that we would be going for brunch on a plane, the next Saturday. His friend was studying to be a pilot and needed the flying time and apparently asked Theo and i to join him and his girlfriend. This was it i thought! The ring! I spoke to my sister and best friend, all of us were excited, then Theo said, that a few other couples would join us. Just like that my hopes were crushed. Anyway i went along with it, it would be fun to do something different. So on the 23rd of March, i was post call (i am a doctor and worked the night shift), we went for our plane trip. I was exhausted and late as my ward round went a bit longer on that morning. Theo assured me that i didn’t need to worry as he postponed the flight for a bit later. Odd indeed as they were other people, were they just fine with being delayed? I brushed it off (not fully aware considering my lack of sleep). So we arrived at Virginia airport, i told theo to go meet his friends i would wait in the car. He said no and i grudgingly followed him inside. And as i thought it was just the two of us! We were going on a helicopter ride but to an unknown location. Sneaky me, i checked Theos jeans pockets looking for a ring box or anything (on the outline of the pocket) but there was nothing. So this wouldn’t be it, all he had with him was a camera in a case.

I was still so excited about the romantic gesture, i could wait for the ring. We took off on our helicopter ride, passing Durban, all the way to the Inanda dam, where we set down on a hill top over looking the dam. This was so romantic. The pilot lead us to a spot where we settled down for a picnic. It was lovely, a beautiful but hot day, we snacked on our yummy treats and just lay together talking. Theo began to say how happy he was and how much he loved me. I thought we were having a conversation and reciprocated the feelings. Then he said “wait let me talk”, he told me to stand up and so i did, heart racing, this was it, but where was the ring? He knelt down before me (on two knees) and pulled the ring box out of the camera case. He continued to speak and opened the box. There it was , such a beautiful ring, i stopped listening and stared at it, crying the whole time. Until theo asked, if i would like to answer, i didn’t even hear the question. He asked again and i said yes! My happiest moment.

Thereafter we went home to see my parents and his and decided we would go out for supper. Everything was arranged by my sister, she even picked out clothes for me. They said we would try a new restaurant. Still so mesmerized i went with the flow, didn’t ask any questions. Then Theos phone rang, it was his best friend. He asked me directions to my house, how weird, so i asked why, he said to pick up my sister. So where was my sisters fiance, he replied he didn’t know, and didn’t i know what was going on. Going on where? He said never mind and cut the call. I was so confused! I messaged my sister, she said she and her fiance had a fight and that Theos best friend was collecting her. Sounded legitimate, i got ready and we went to the address my sister gave us. As we entered i saw my sisters fiance’s car i was relieved they stopped fighting. I entered the foyer and there was our photographer, i was shocked he said he was there for the dinner. I walked into the venue and there it was set up for an engagement, party with all our closest family and friends. And what an amazing party it turned out to be.

It was truly a day filled with amazing surprises 🙂

Our wedding is on the 25 October 2014!



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