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Dominique and Greg

Dominique and Greg

My fiance Greg Parkin and i have a truly unique story of how we met, fell head over heels in love and this was topped off by how he proposed.

In November 2009 Greg owned a flat in Johannesburg where he was born and bred and he got a job offer for 2 years in Durban..he has always wanted to try living at the coast and jumped at the opportunity.

At this time I had just broken up

With my ex boyfriend and was looking

For a new of my closest friends is an Estate Agent and found me a gorgeous sunny flat I fell in love with instantly( after 3 months of searching and staying with a friend)…i met the then owner..Greg after a week and we got on well from the start..every second month or so he would call and pop around to ‘check on the flat and his tenant’ and we got on like a house on fire and built up an incredible friendship over the next 2.5 years until he came back to JhB and broke up with his then Girlfriend.

Greg asked if I would like to go mountain biking with him as he had no friends who cycled..and me being an avid cyclist couldn’t refuse..we spent the next three weeks as friends riding a few times a week and having the odd cold drink after a ride.

Until Greg was invited to an exclusive event at Randlords in Johannesburg and needed a partner and asked me to go with him..he looked after me and poured drinks for me etc and half way through the evening leant over and said…’ I would really like to kiss you would that be ok with you?’

I had never been asked to be kissed before and was blown away by his manners firstly and then the best first kiss ever!


Greg moved in with me just six weeks after that and always talked about moving back to Durban which he loved so much and is actually where I come from and after being together just short of two years we have taken the plunge and moved here..


On our very first morning waking up in our new home in Durban at 5 am

We jumped up to have tea and watch the sunrise over the sea from our balcony..and were chatting about how happy we were and our future in this place we love with an amazing support structure and so many opportunities coming our way.


And then greg asked me if I loved him and I said ‘of course I do’ and he said ‘good because i love you too’ and the next thing he was on one knee and for the first time ever in my life I was totally speechless and confused and wondering what on earth was happening…i just couldnt believe my dream was coming true!! and thats when he asked ‘if I would do him the honor of being his wife’…I was so blown away he asked twice and put the beautiful ring on my finger and we Hugged and kissed a lot and then he said..’i take it that’s a YES?’


That moment was all I had expected and SO much more and was the most romantic day I have ever experienced or could imagine! Three weeks later I am still on cloud nine and we are so giggly and ecstatic to call each other fiancé we are soaking up every second and still celebrating with people every few days!


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