Eloise and Neil

Eloise and Neil

I follow you on Facebook and saw that you had a competition for the best wedding proposal of 2014. I would like to share the story of probably, one of the best days of my life J

In order for me to share the story of his proposal, I have to give you a bit of background first…..

My fiancé (Neil Withers) and I met just over three years ago when he worked on a contract basis in my office. It was bound that we would become friends very quickly as Neil has a very spontaneous personality and is hilarious in everything he does. We started spending time together and he mentioned that he was writing a book and needed someone to proof read it for him. Being the avid reader that I am, I offered to proof read his book. Through this process we spent a lot of time together and had long conversations over pots of tea about life, love and everything that we could think of… it didn’t take long for me to fall hopelessly in love with the blue eyed boy regardless of my efforts to just keep this a friendship… you see, this was never supposed to happen! Neil was 5 years my junior, he was English (being a ‘stoere afrikaanse meisie’ an English boy was not my first choice) but most of all, he was leaving to South Korea as soon as the contract was finished (which was approximately 6 months). Nevertheless, the heart wants, what the heart wants.. and luckily for me, Neil’s heart wanted me as well….

There is nothing more satisfying to the heart, than falling in love with your best friend and that was exactly what Neil became to me… my best friend. From thereon out, we were inseparable… When it became time for him to leave, we thought it would be best to just ‘see where the relationship goes’. Seeing that we all know how difficult long distance relationships are, we didn’t want to keep each other form experiencing life and love whilst apart! Little did we know that the universe conspired to keep us together regardless of the thousands of miles that came between us. In his year abroad, I had the opportunity to visit him three times for a month at a time and we travelled all over! Not only did we have so much fun, but because we didn’t see each other every day, we really had to work on our communication, which made our friendship so much stronger! We had dates and dinners over Skype and wrote each other long love letters every chance we got!

It was not long after his return that we moved in together and the rest as they say, is history… which brings us to the day of his proposal…

On the morning of, I was getting ready to have a day with the girls.. not knowing that this was not their intention at all… my car was in for a service so one of my “besties”, Sunette came to pick me up and by 9am, I was on my way to a day filled with cocktails, lunch and nails, every girls dream. Seeing that we were just going to be girls, I didn’t think it necessary to do my hair and make-up which was probably why Sunette had a bit of a giggle when she picked me up… she realized that I had no idea what was lying ahead J

We went to brunch and soon after we went to the salon, which was nothing unusual seeing the one of the girls just opened PIENK beauty salon and we were celebrating the opening by doing our nails that morning over a glass of champagne! My nails and toenails were done and as I was sitting sipping champagne, a security guard walks in and mentions that he is looking for Eloise. I backtrack the mornings activities and as I want to exclaim that I promise I did nothing wrong, he hands me a package with my name on it…. I opened that package and inside was a mini IPod with a tag that said “Play me”. To my surprise it was Neil’s voice that was recorded on the IPod, explaining that he has gone missing for the day and that my job is to go look for him. The day was to be called: “Waar die flip is Neil!” He will leave clues everywhere for me to find him. By the end of the message I realized that this was not going to be an ordinary day and that all the girls there were in on the surprise!

The first clue was to go to the place we met and from thereon out, we were set out on a treasure hunt or more a memory hunt! Every place or clue had a reason for being there, the place that we met, the place that we shared our first kiss, from my parents house to driving go-karts and going to the gym… he included everyone who was special to me in this day and everyone held a clue to where im going next. He even gave us a survival pack, with props, sunglasses, drinks, as mix CD for the road trip with all my favorite songs and a camera to capture all the fun times.

The last clue was a map to where he was, sitting on a hilltop near our house in Irene… the girls had strict instructions to drop me off and leave, and even though I tried to convince them to come with me, they left me in the middle of a field with no clue what to do next. I started walking and very quickly saw a sign then said “Neil” with an arrow pointing to where I should go… as I was walking over the hilltop, I saw him sitting looking out over the whole of Irene, with the train passing by…. He saw me and walked towards me taking my hand and leading me to my seat. He told me to sit down and gave me a book. This was a book, that he had written and printed for me, about us. Our story, from even before we met, up until this point….. I cannot think of something more special than this, as this was the exact reason why we fell in love in the first place… a book… he opened the book at a place mark and that page was hand written. It was a beautiful page telling me that im his best friend and that he cannot imagine his life without me.. the page ended with… there is only one questions left… he went on his knee in front of me and asked me to be his wife… after my answer, which was an obvious YES, he asked me to turn the next page in our book. The next half of book was carved out with a circle in the middle, with the most beautiful ring lying in the pages of the book… it was perfect, beautiful and everything I wanted!

He explained that we were going to dinner to celebrate but he just needed to go pop in at home quickly to drop off the stuff he had with him. When we got home, everyone who was special to us, was there. He arranged a picnic and our lawn and garden was filled with picnic blankets, amazing food, fairy lights and most of all, all our friends and family!!

Our story is truly one of friendship and being there for one another… and if I could, I would share it with the whole world…

This was truly a special day for me, one which I will never forget!

The best part of it is, that we have a book that we can write the rest of our story in, that we will one day give to our children so that they can read how much, their Dad, loved their Mom! Hopefully this will inspire them, to wait for the right person and fall in love for the right reasons!

I hoped this inspired you too!

Ps. below some picture of the amazing day



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