Esmarelda and Andy

 Esmarelda and Andy

So he bought my ring a month before he proposed and hid it at his folks house… in the middle of the week not expecting anything after a long day at work. My Hobbit (Andy) asked if I wanted Chinese for sup… YUMBO! YES please I said. But its usually a family affair. When he arrived home I discovered chinese for 2 only! YEY i thought! Still not in the moment that he was in. Shaken, putting his food on a plate he says: Gosh im starving. STILL NOT THINKING ANYTHING. ( He had gone to ask my dad if he could marry me 10 minutes before coming home….. Silly man!! My dad pushing for him to come inside and chat- Sure he was wanting to show him his shotgun. Andy insisted that he had already made plans and ready to ask me. My dad agreed and said YES!)

As we continue to munch down sups, Andy gobbled it down so fast I even asked him if he was okay. He then had 2 fortune cookies planned for dessert. ( JUST WHAT I NEEDED) As i opened mine in the perfectly planned silver packet.He ran away…(shame only realizing afterwards why!) It read- you will soon recieve great excitement in your life…GREAT!!! 🙂 i thought running to him telling him about my newly found life fortune. So off to the lounge we went to sit down. With Andy on my left offering his fortune cookie in a gold packet to me … I couldnt resist but to open it…. Within a split second of cracking it open , My hobbit was down on one knee and the strip read: Will you marry your hobbit???????? All i saw was marry and hobbit and just dropped everything on the floor with my hands over my mouth speechless…He asked…..So will you marry me and pulls out a cheap plastic lucky packet ring ( An ongoing joke as he always said he would) and of course my answer was

:ARE YOU STUPID OF COURSE ILL MARRY YOU :)……but wheres my real ring 😀 haha. A stunning ring came out his pocket with his face glowing! Only to find out that mother in law dearest had made the fortune cookies accordingly, followed the instructions of what the strips inside had to say and when to have them ready by.





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