Immogen and John

Immogen and John

A fairy tale story…

We met each other 21 years ago, when we where both young, stupid and very naive.

We were the best of friends, went clubbing together, did Sunday walks together, but he never told me how he felt about me.

We had many obstacles in our way then, and all of this was the reason he never told me that he loves me.

I just thought we were good friends….

We eventually drifted apart…he went to work in Cape Town and I moved to Pretoria….


After 21 years, a mutual friend of ours invited him to facebook.

And the first thing he did was to look who were her friends,

and the first name he saw on her friends list was mine…I have a very unusual name as you dont find and IMMOGEN on every facebook wall….lol

Well the rest is history…


The proposal came when I went to Cape Town in November 2013 for my high school reunion.

He waited for me at Cpt International, and there he proposed, on his knee, under the Christmas tree in front of hundreds of travelers….


Well if this is not melting your heart…i dont know what will.



Immogen & John



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