Janco and Jonél

Janco and Jonél

My boyfriend of six and a half years, now fiance, and I went on a 4 week vacation in Europe. We travelled from Germany to Holland and from Holland to Vienna.  That is where all the magic started.

We arrived in Vienna and explored the city the next day. The morning  passed and at lunch,  he told me to be ready at 17h00, nicely dressed. I did as told and that evening we went back to the city centre. We walked a vew blocks and arrived at the beautiful St.Stephans church, went around the corner and there stood two horses with a carriage. The tears came, as it was one of my dreams to ride in a carriage. As the ride began,  he pulled a bunch of red roses out of his bag. The sound of the carriage on the cobble stones, the roses, blankets, were all so enchanting.  How could this become more special? Well, the ride went on and we arrived at the magnificent Hoffburg Palace, where he arranged (that I heard afterwards), special entrance to the restricted area of the palace. We went through the gate and stopped in front of the palace.  We were surrounded by the lights that decorated the city and palace views. He started talking and there he went on one knee and asked me to become his wife! In his hands he had the most beautiful ring! And I said YES!! Tears of joy came streaming down our faces, we were so extremely happy. We could not stop smiling! He then pulled out a bottle of Moët Champagne,  glasses the works! High on love we travelled back to the church, with people screaming and clapping,  as they saw us with the champagne and  just taking in each moment.

As we arrived, he then topped the evening off by taking us to the officially best restaurant in Vienna! At Fabios we celebrated,  ate and drank wine. We finished the night with drink at a cocktail bar in the city centre, again surrounded by lights and the magic of Vienna in the Winter.

From Vienna we went on to Budapest, Bratislava and then back to Germany as an engaged couple.

I did not know that one can experience such sincere,  extreme, and so much love! We waited so long for this to happen and  we take time  to appreciate the wonderful and beautiful relationship we have. Janco gave me the best night of my love and we can’t wait for our future together!


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