Jemma and Kyle

Jemma and Kyle

Kyle and I met 2 and a half years ago. It was set up by my mother and I was totally against the idea of a blind date. But she was convinced that we would hit it off. It seems she was right, after the first date we were inseparable.

Kyle and I agreed to skip the valentines day gifts as he had told me that finances were tough – I of course understood what with all the petrol price increases. He had however asked me to write down three memories that I have of us. I assumed he was planning some sort of sentimental gift rather than a material one. When he got home he proceeded to give me a list of 14 reasons why he loves me. He then asked for my three things that I had written down.

Kyle then took out a black box that had a plaque engraved with the date we met on it. He told me it was going to be our “Time Capsule” of sorts. And I needed one thing from each of the Valentines days we had been together – hence the three memories. His three were a letter I gave him, a key ring and an empty photo frame.

When I asked Kyle about the empty photo frame he told me he wants to put a picture of when we get engaged in it. I had not yet noticed that his parents had come out with the cameras. I was told to stand up and that was when I saw the black box.  All I could tell him is “You’re joking right”. I was caught completely off guard. His propasal speech was stunning,  about the time we met and everything good since then. I said yes before he had even finished. He then slid the most beautiful ring onto my finger. It was just perfect.


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