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Jessica and Dominic

Jessica and Dominic

My fiance and I had been dating for 4 and a half years before he proposed. We started doing ‘date night’ once a month taking each other on surprise dates to new places. As with dating and life you can get into a rut of going  to the same places over and over, this was a nice way to force us into exploring more on what Cape Town has to offer.

So Friday 3 May was his turn. He told me we are going to go somewhere after work, its going to be a smartly dressed place so pack something nice to wear. This wasn’t unusual for us to say what to wear, so we don¹t feel uncomfortable dressed to smart or too casual for a place, as one of our previous dates, we went for drinks at the Cape Grace and another time we went for dinner at Ricks Cafe.

So on Friday he picked me up from work,(I thought he went to work that day but he actually took the day off to plan things and make sure all was ready, he still dropped me off in the morning as he works down the road). I got dressed in a smart dress, high heels and a coat. Off we went. Doing my makeup in the car I was trying to guess where we were going, driving around town he would drive up to a place and say do you think we going here? Then he would say no don’t get out. After 3 or 4 turns we were driving to Camps Bay, on Victoria Road and he parks the car in front of a restaurant in Bantry Bay. I get out and head towards the stairs and he says no we going across the road. The Ambassador Hotel.

We walk inside to their restaurant Salt, sit by the bar and have a drink.He goes to the toilet (actually to hand the camera to the waitress). We then go over to our table by the window (which he came and chose a few days before). We are the only people in the restaurant, watching the sunset we chatting away as usual. Michael Buble songs playing in the background. I recently purchased my first flat, so he offered to get a glass of sparkling wine to congratulate me. The sparkling wine arrives, we raise our glasses. He starts a speech that I think is to do with my flat, he says “Congrats on getting your flat, I am so proud of you, I am so excited about our future together…” his eyes start watering up, then it starts to hit me, he gets down on his knee and pulls out a box and I see the ring I had been eyeing. Will you marry me?(I hesitate a bit as he has joked with me many times before by tying his shoelace instead hehe) I said “Really?” Then I straight away, realising this wasn’t another joke this was real and said “YES, YES of course”


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