Jessica and Mark

Jessica and Mark

My name is Jessica Schindler, on the 16th February 2014 my boyfriend proposed to me, this is how it happened…

We were in the Kruger National Park which is my absolute favorite place in the entire world. He had apparently been planning the proposal for 5 months and I had no clue that he was so sneaky. On the Sunday morning we started off at 5:30am to my favorite part of the park which is a place called Bobejaanskraans where you are allowed to get out of the car to admire the incredible view of far and wide african bush. On our way we were stopped by a car and told that there were cheetahs up the road. I was adamant that we would not stop until we found the cheetah, meanwhile Mark (my significant other) was begging me to let him stop at the view point where we always have coffee and rusks and stretch our legs. Eventually I gave in and decided we can go to the view point.

About ten minutes after we stopped all the foreign tourists left and it was just us and our coffee, but no rusks. Mark turned to me and said, “nana (his pet name for me), will you make me the happiest man in the world?”, and of course because we had no rusks I thought that was his way of bribing me and sweet talking me into getting him a rusk out of the car. So I half-heartedly said, “ya Ok Fine”, to which he proceeded to say, “will you be my wife?”…. I Jumped up and threw my arms around him and said ‘OF COURSE I WILL’. He had planned everything and as we popped the champagne that he had snuck into the car without me knowing, he realised that he hadn’t packed champagne glasses and so we poured our champagne into juice glasses as you will see in the picture attached.

This wasn’t the end, as he poured the champagne a bus load of German Tourists arrived. Needless to say, they rushed straight over and the one man came to us (not knowing what was going on I think) and he kept saying, “only two glasses, where is mine?” eventually we got him away. Tourist number two then approached us and kept on picking up our champagne and standing in front of the camera saying, “it’s a portrait ya”, and he wouldn’t stop. Eventually I had to take a photograph of the random German Tourist so that he would leave. (I still have that picture because I have never met someone so determined to have a picture taken). Eventually we managed to take a picture.

So now we are happily engaged and wedding plans have started. To all fellow engaged couples I wish all the best for your ‘Big Days’ and hope that everything comes off smoothly.




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