Jo-Anne and Donovan

Jo-Anne and

It all started with him taking me to work because my car had to be serviced.

Half way through the day he tells me to pack up my work, he’d spoken to my boss and gotten me half day off and we’re going on a trip. We set on our journey to the mystery place that was 3 and a half hours away. He told me it was a special place he had been to and that was all he was going to say. 3 hours later we take the turn off to Kaapsehoop, just outside of Nelspruit. A tiny little town on top of a high mountain with huge forests, fields of daisies, mazes of rocks and wild horses! He had booked us into a private chalet named ‘the flinstones’ due to it’s rocky structure and quaint little shape. We got into our room and took a walk around the misty town. It was so magical and looked like it had come straight out of a story book. We eventually chose to eat at the Bohemian Restaurant which had prepared a special table with us lit by candles, covered in wild flowers and placed next to the exotic fish tank in the quirky little eatery. After and amazing dinner we went to bed, anticipation and excitement building for the day to come.

After a difficult night sleep of both of us waking up and constantly checking the time morning came and he told me to get ready while he went and did a few things. and hour or so later he came back ot fetch me and said ‘Let’s go for a walk’. We strolled through the small town into a field of daisies and then over into a breath taking forest where you could hear the faint rumble of a waterfall in the background and the chirping of the woodland birds.

As we got a bit further into the forest I could hear Michael Bublé echoing his romantic love songs through the wide open trees. A table set up with roses, champagne and a silver dome plate sat waiting our arrival. Done pulled the chair out for me and beckoned me to sit. I took my seat, the tears already about to flow knowing what was coming next. He sat across from me, took my hand and told me all the wonderful things a man should, before picking up the silver dome to reveal the soft white ring box under it. He got on his knee, professed his eternal love and asked me if I would become his wife. And I said ‘YES!’ (with many tears). He placed the most perfect beautiful ring I have ever seen in my life on my finger and we officially became engaged to me married to one another.

The Champagne was popped, cheers were given and lots of cute pictures taken.

It was a wonderful and romantic proposal and a moment I will never forget.



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