Jocelyn and James

Jocelyn and James

IT All started at 4:15am with Jocelyn curling up right next to James and whispering gently “Where In New York City” followed by some grumpy growns James and Jocelyn sat up and watched the Sun start to spread its warm rays through the busy city.

IT was our first trip overseas together and saving up for 3 years was worth every Rand! We rented a studio apartment for our first 3 nights of our States holiday in West street across the road from Central Park..What a view!

I will never forget the 19th of October 2013, that was the day that James truly ticked all the boxes!

AFter watching an amazing sunrise together and picking up a morning Starbucks coffee on the go we caught a water taxi through Manhattan, saw the Statue of Liberty, Brooklyn Bridge,and buildings with titles like the tallest and oldest, getting off to walk through Times square seeing the New Year Ball, that would be raised up again in just two short months, we then stumbled past Rockerfeller center where to my surprise James had done his home work and found out the Ice rink was set up and ready to go, that was dream one,from a small age we all watched movies where Gents would take their “Darls” for that romantic date of ice skating and hot coco, I had always dreamt of doing this and had mentioned this to him sometime in the 5 years together, probably watching one of these typical Romcoms.

He had done it!, he had planned our holiday just in time to make my dream come true!!

After an hour on the ice I felt a bath and New york hotdog will do me just fine, well no that was not going to happen, not the hot dog I mean,After a quick bath we decided to walk through central park to get a cheaper taxi fair to get to our restaurant called The Modern (based in a museum!), at Sunset we walked through Central park and walked out Engaged.

JAmes guided me to a beautiful historic bridge and there he gave me a big long nervous hug which I may say now might have started the butterflies in my tummy, he knelt down and asked (holding my right hand) “Jocelyn Richards will you make me the happiest man alive? Will you be my wife” to which my first responce was ” are you sure?” Then realising what came out of my mouth I gently took his hand guided it to my left looked down at him and said ” I mean yes, yes Ill marry you”

MY ring , which I only could see when in the cab (as by this time the Sun had gone) is a white saphire held up by two butterflies in rose gold, he later explained that these butterflies where us, that weve both grown together weve nurtered one another into butterflies that can only be done with Love and patience.

MY Jaw dropped when this speech was told , and for the first time in my life I was truly speechless!

MY dreams come true that day and now Ive got a lifetime to find out every one of his and make them true too!

I cant wait to be his Wife!


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