Julia and Jasper

Julia and Jasper

Ordinary to extraordinary

It was just like any other Thursday in June, slightly over cast not really raining but pretty miserable.

My attempt at sorting out my closet was a failure and all my clothes were on the floor, the bedroom now resembled a demolition site instead of the fantasy bed and breakfast that I aspire to. Hopelessly I curled up on the couch with a cup of coffee and decided to wait for the backup troops to arrive

He walked in looking especially handsome (Thursday is tie day at the office) guiltily I explained that we hadn’t been robbed or ransacked, but I had lost the will before announcing that he could expect a boring pasta supper. He looked at me like a Labrador looks at ball, said today he couldn’t care less about house work and offered to make the dinner.

Off I flounced to have a bath and read something silly.  I could hear him pottering around banging pots and boiling water for twenty minutes or so before the bath room door opened.  Jasper came in and sat down, asked me what my two favourite words were- instantly I replied “presents” …and then I hit a blank… looking  at me he whispered “ssssss ssss”, the word sprang to my mind  ‘surprises; a surprise present ’ nodding he inquired if I would like one now….a surprise present, my head was all confusion – a whirl wind: it wasn’t my birthday or an anniversary, in a blur he was down on one knee, fiddling in his pocket he took out a beautiful leather box opened it, and there it was: The diamond ring.  Tears just started pouring, and in typical fashion he says “but I haven’t even asked you yet”, and he asks… and it’s a Yes, It’s always been a Yes…everything else is a complete haze but somehow I ended up out of the bath, sitting, eating cold pasta, drinking glorious red wine, in the ugliest pyjamas – the only ones we could find in the pile on the floor that was my closet.

(As a side note Jasper wants to add that he asked me in the bath because at least it would catch all the tears and this way he knew I would be a completely surprised)


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