Kashy and Terence

Kashy and Terence

Our Proposal: In bed, breakfast 10 years later…

The last day of being 29, we planned my 30 Birthday party that Saturday Night – so I would turn 30 years old with our friends and family when the clock struck 12. I had alot of things on my “to do list” for the day before my party, as with any girl the facial, the hair, the nails and my outfit.

My morning began, with a proposal in bed. I got the whole day to celebrate and talk to the man I’m going to spend the rest of my day with, it was the two of us and we got to soak it all in before seeing our family and friends that night. The perfect proposal had turned this simple moment into a forever milestone.

Terence walked into our bedroom, saying “sleepy head the sun is shining and we have a lot to prepare for tonight, aren’t you excited?” I remember groaning that I would like to have a few more minutes in bed. He then sat on the side of our bed and said “your day should start with joy for your birthday” I tried opening my eyes and said sure, as I rolled over with scratchy eyes I saw him holding a box with a ring inside, opened ofcourse! I remember forcing my eyes opened with shock, jumping up I sat on our bed looked at his face and honestly to this day I have no idea all the things he was ranting on about I was more focused on this sparkling ring. His finally words were “are you ok? Will you marry me?”

I screamed a yes!

I hadn’t said anything to anyone all day, except for my sister. But that night we got to share this wonderful news with our closest friends and family.

Perhaps simple, but the most natural romantic propose, not fake dresses, no fake music, no pretend flowers, just breakfast and us in our most normal setting. This for me is simple romance. In the most romantic form.

I got to relive the magic of our engagement twice in one day….Capturing the excitement all in one night.



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