Kerry and Marcel

Kerry and Marcel

My Fiancé, Marcel proposed me whilst on holiday in December. It was a really special day!! – This month is our five year anniversary.

We were on holiday in Hartenbos. We decided we were going to have an “US” day as we were on holiday with his whole family and wanted some time alone together.

He first took me to a restaurant in Mosslebay called the Kingfisher for my favourite meal, Sushi. We sat on the deck of the restaurant and ate the most divine sushi and had drinks whilst watching the sea and talking kak for a couple of hours.

We then took our cooler box and went to “the point”  in Mosselbay. It’s the most incredible view point in Mosselbay. Half way up the point we climbed over a railing and walked along a small side path that was actually blocked off, that led to this cliff with the most incredible view. We sat there having a drink, watching the seagulls fly just above our heads and looking out onto the most incredible view of the sea.

He eventually told me he had had enough and wanted to go (to get me to turn around so he could get the ring out), when I noticed he hadn’t followed me, I turned around and saw him just standing there……

So I walked back to him to see what was wrong, and he then proceeded to go on one knee and tell me he loves me, and he asked if I would marry him. I just hugged him, before he eventually asked if that was a yes, and of course it was a yes!!!!!!!

To end off a perfect day we then went down to the harbour for a two hour sunset cruise, it was the most incredible day, not just proposal!!!


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