Kirsten and Ashton

Kirsten and Ashton

Kirsten’s Version: For our three year anniversary Ashton said that we were going on a surprise date! And we all know how much ladies LOVE surprises…. But I had no idea where we were going. I was just politely told to wear casual gear, and so I did.

Driving down the road I saw caution signs that there were horses in the area. So internally, I was already trying to figure out where we were going…. All to find out it was a ranch! I was so excited because I absolutely love doing new things and I’ve never been horse riding before. The trail was an hour down to the beach and I was in my element ( even though I was starving)! Ironically, Ashton & I had horses who were a couple and were in separable. So they naturally followed each other around, which was pretty funny. When we got down the beach we passed a school of dolphins, can you believe it! I actually laughed at the fact that Ashton planned this so “meticulously” (yes, I know he didn’t plan the dolphin’s haha)

Then a picnic basket appeared out of nowhere ( I must admit, I was impressed and super happy die to my level of starvation at this point) and we sat overlooking the ocean, and talking…. I was all up in the picnic basket and Ashton wasn’t eating, which was weird, you know you can’t separate guys and food….. And then (DUN DUN DUN DUN!!!!) Ashton said that I should always remember this date and time….. and then got onto knee and said – because it’s the date and time, that he asks me to be his wife! (I forgot to metion the random lady from the ranch taking photos of the ‘whales’ while we were pinicing… yes she was secretly taking photos of us the entire time)

AND – Ofcourse I was emotional… and cried all of my make-up off.. and I loved my ring – because it’s the very same one that I saw in Galaxy & Co. a few months back and said I would really love that ring.

Ashton’s Version: After about two months of research I (Ashton) finally came up with a proposal idea for Kirsten. It was very hard to keep it from Kirsten but I tried my best. Oh and by the way I bought the ring in May 2013 and this happened in August 2013. The day arrives and it was raining and the plan went with the rain down the gutter but luckily for me they were able to reserve another day. It was the day after our 3 year anniversary so I had to make it like we were going for our 3 year anniversary. And then I told her that we having a family gathering and so she must come pass my house and then we will go out later. It just so happened that my car was parked in so I had to use my dad’s car which helped us get there on time. Kirsten had no idea where we were going but low and behold we ended up at a ranch to go horse riding. Up until now Kirsten was unaware of what was going to happen. I was very nervous so the horse ride was nerve wrecking because Kirsten was being reckless on her horse and my horse was so huge and rebellious. After riding for 45 minutes on the beach and seeing the dolphins we went for a picnic. And by this time Kirsten was starving and ate almost everything while I was so nervous I couldn’t eat anything. And there was a random lady in the bushes taking pictures of ‘the whales’. Then at exactly 16:18pm I told Kirsten that she must remember this date and time cause it was the time I asked her to marry me. And then the water works started and the rest is history…

So that’s the beginning to our forever story…

Our wedding is on the 4th October 2014. We have basically planned everything and booked everything… besides our honeymoon, which is why we need your help!



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