Lara and Jason

Lara and Jason

Jason and I have been dating for over four and a half years now, but I had my eye set on him long before he even knew who I was. We both attended the same high school and I first noticed him after a leader’s camp in 2008. He was so different to all the other guys and really stood out because of his maturity (and obviously his good looks helped). After months (which turned into a year), I finally decided I was over the ‘just being friends’ stage. As he puts it ‘I wasn’t looking for a girlfriend or relationship.’

He must have sensed something was different and finally offered to take my friend and I for a flight (he is a pilot ), but still just as friends. After deciding once again maybe this could work I would spend break time talking to him and getting to know him better. We spent hours talking in front of the hostel after he would offer to drive me there from school (literally a two minute walk). He asked me out in 2009 and we have been going strong ever since.

In June (2 days before my twenty first birthday), Jason told me he had a surprise birthday present lined up for me…and I did not think anything of it. Being the inquisitive person I am Jason had had to plan for every detail in order to keep me off track. I had given him my great grandmother’s ring which he used to make my actual ring. The day before he proposed he pulled out the old ring (after months of having it) to see what size he would have to make my new ring. This tiny detail was the one thing that stuck in my mind every time I started thinking “but maybe this could be the moment…”

We ended up at the amazing Buffelsdrift game lodge where I was spoiled with champagne and an amazing dinner. The next morning I was woken up by him singing happy birthday with a cupcake and candles in tow. I was given a 21st birthday sash and a giant badge to wear for our next part of the surprise. When we finally arrived at an empty school’s rugby field I was very confused and already feeling a little disappointed (thinking we might have to play paintball). But oh, to my surprise, we watched as the most stunning hot air balloon was prepared just for us. We took off just as the sun had started rising and enjoyed the quite town and the breath taking scenery from above. Still thinking this was all for my birthday I listened as Jason read a poem/letter that he had written for me (this is not too unusual as I am privileged enough to have a romantic fiancé). Only once he was on his knee in the basket with the box in his hand did I know what was happening. Before he even asked I was nodding my head and had tears in my eyes. It was the most beautiful moment I have ever experienced.

The tiny detail that had thrown me off track was something Jason had purposefully planned. He had gotten the jeweler to put a fake diamond in the old setting so that I would think that the new ring had not been made yet. The effort and planning that was put into pulling off a proposal like this made it that much more special.


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