Lesley-Ann and Eugene

Lesley-Ann and Eugene

Lesley-Ann and Eugene

My fiancé and I have been dating for the past three years! We for a while have been trying to start a family but we were devastated when the doctor’s told us that I was unable to bear any child.

It was the most devastating feeling ever and it put a big strain on our relationship. He has already 2 beautiful boys from a previous relationship whom I love dearly but they weren’t my own. There is no worst feeling than being told such dreadful news. It felt as if my womanhood was stripped away from me

But then by a miracle we found out in October that I was expect:) it was the happiest day of my life. We always spoke about marriage and now we knew that that day would now come sooner than we both anticipated.

Knowing that I’m due the 1 June 2014 and that next year we probably wouldn’t be as fortunate and free to have a light night New Year’s Eve celebration, we decided to hit the town with the boys and celebrate together- as a family.

Only to have everything go wrong! When we got to town, the mycity buses were all delayed, we were unable to load our myconnect cards with credit because of system problems and the buses were extremely full. When we eventually got to V&A waterfront, it was so packed I thought that I was going to be involved in a stampede! I was so upset with my fiancé for insisting that we go there knowing that how it is on NYE. WE ended up having boerewors rolls from a stand outside because the lines to all the decent restaurants were way too long! We then decided to leave for Camps bay, with not a mycity bus in sight we opted to take a cab at 11h30, stuck in traffic!!!

My fiancé and I both realised that this would mean that we would go into the new year stuck in a car half way around the mountain! I was extremely pissed! We by some miracle got to Camps Bay at 11h50 and then wanted to sit down at a decent meal with the boys at a decent restaurant only to find out that they were all closed!

I was ready to kill my fiancé! With nothing but boerewors rolls in our stomachs we decided to go down to the beach to show the boys the fire works. Thanks to my ranging hormones I burst out into tears and my fiancé and I had a huge argument just as the clock struck 12! I then just walked away from him trying to cool off not wanting to upset the baby. I noticed that something was just not right with him all evening, he was stressing about the last thing and was very edgy when nothing went his may.

At 12h02 I felt my 3 boys hug me from behind wishing me happy new year and admiring the fire works. The next thing I know all 3 of them are in front of me, my now fiancé in the middle and the boys on either side of him! I still being pissed off at him instructed him to get up because I was not in the mood for him to be silly! Then I saw the ring boys leave his pocket and I went numb, my heart started racing and my palms got all sweaty and I knew what was coming.

Eugene (my fiancé) then when on to say that when I marry I’m marrying his boys they are apart of him and are his life and that he cant wait for our baby Jesse to be born! Opening the box, all 3 boys collective said will you marry us!

I dropped down on my knees bawling my eyes out and said yes! That moment is something I will cherish for the rest of my life. WE stayed like that for a while all in tears hugging and kissing each other!  It was then that I realised that nothing else mattered. It all made sense why my poor baby was stressing all evening! He was on his nerves and just wanted everything to be perfect! And the fact that he involved the boys in the proposal as well just made my heart melt! I wouldn’t change a thing about that evening because all its flaws and mishaps made that night so special!

After all we’ve been through these Eugene and I deserve a decent honeymoon and winning this competition would make it possible. WE planning on getting married on 15 February 2014,a day after Valentines day. I don’t think we will be able to have a chance to go on honeymoon again after this, not when our bundle of joy joins us in June.

I trust that our story will meet a positive response. To me I already won this competition, I won the heart of my soul mate, my best friend and the hearts of his boys. Winning this competition will be the ultimate dream come true for us.


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