Lizelle and Sean

Lizelle and Sean

My fiancé and myself got engaged on 25 December 2013, we got engaged on top of the Zugspitze.

To give you a rough idea, this is n mountain on the border of Germany and Austria. It is 3000m above sea level and the only thing you see for hundreds of miles is mountain tops covered in snow.

It was Christmas day and we were there for a trip I have been planning for a while. The place I wanted to see most was this mountain top. I had NO idea he was carrying a ring in his pocket all the way from Cape Town.

I added a few photos to give you an idea of the setting. It was -6 degrees on top of the mountain , ice cold, but BEAUTIFUL. We were on our way to Paris after that, but so glad he didn’t ask me there. Would have been bit of a cliché, he did it on the mountain and I do believe it was the most original setting. I am so blessed to tell our kids this story one day when they ask where we got engaged.

So I was standing in the cold taking pictures with the wind howling, when I heard him day, “Well I suppose this is the best spot”. I turned around, and there he was trying to get down on one knee, it was so cold, a person’s whole body was stiff. I basically froze, and not from the cold, not  realising what was happening. So he asked me if I will give him the pleasure of becoming his wife, and I just blurted, “Okay”. He started laughing and asked “okay what? Is it a yes or a no?” J

Poor guy is nervous and I just responded my “okay”. Then the tears started running.

It is a moment I will never forget, surrounded by amazingly beautiful mountains, snow and freezing weather J

I attached some photos for you guys, so that you can picture the setting.


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