Loretta and John

Loretta and John

The con…..

A week before the “big day”, John came home and said that his boss booked the office for a spa type treat for them and their partners, as part of their Christmas gift. Off course I had to question this. Where are we going and what are we doing and will we be going on our own or with the rest of the office? His response was a typical uninterested male response, where he shrugged his shoulders and all he said was it is just outside of Stellenbosch on a wine farm and each couple will be going separately. So with that answer I didn’t probe him for more information and assumed it was a massage or facial or something. What do boys now anyway.

On the morning, I got out of bed with the wrong foot. Poor John, if look back now, did everything to try and get me in a better mood. Made me coffee and breakfast, told me that I look pretty and not too worry too much about how I dress. “Just dress comfortably” he said. We live in Grabouw and it’s a bit of a drive to Stellenbosch and I am very quiet –  still working on going out to enjoy the morning and getting over myself. John tries to start conversations with me, but it ends very quickly, so he gives up.

As we drive up to Mont Destin boutique wine farm, I start relaxing and start looking forward to a nice relaxing spoil. We were met by the owner of the wine farm and he was a very pleasant host. Showed us his cellar, we met his family and ended up doing some wine tasting.   As I am flipping through all the news articles on this wine farm, I find a story on a red wine bath that he has on the farm. He tells me this story about how he was looking for the perfect gift for his wife and he ended up setting up a red wine bath in the vineyards for her. And then he asks me if I would like to see it? Off course I want to see it. It is the most romantic thing I have ever heard of!

So off we go. There, nestled in the middle of the vineyards, stood this cosy little cottage and hidden in plain sight was this bath half filled with red wine, overlooking the vineyards.

No roof, just a shower above and completely private. Imagine sitting in this setting sipping wine in the afternoon sun listening to ….. nature. It looked and sounded bliss!

So he picks up a bottle of wine from a stack of empty bottles that was next to the cottage and hands it to me. He says that he is going take off. I must open the bottle, poor it into the bath and enjoy the afternoon. I was left standing dumbfounded – why was he sharing his wife’s special place with us? John smiles at me and says that this is the treat from his boss. And with that he goes into the cottage and brings out a cooler bag with cheese, bubbles (sparkling wine), meats, biscuits …. It completely took me by surprise!

You can’t get into the bath with your clothes on so, we get undressed and get in. It was exactly what I needed. John, food, alcohol, open skies, sun, and relaxation.

We were chatting and at one point I leaned my head back, closed my eyes and just listened. I feel this commotion under the water and look up and see this little red thing floating in the water. I look up at John and he looks a bit pale and I pick it up, it’s a ring box…. Looking at John for some explanation he takes his hands out of the wine (water) and there in between his fingers is a ring. The only words that he can get out are “sal jy met my trou asseblief?” It was a yes from me followed by lots of kisses! We had the cottage to ourselves for the whole day and we had such a fantastic time.

Only afterwards he told me that it didn’t go as planned. He had hidden the ring box under his bum in the wine (water). When he saw me closing my eyes he thought this was his queue and tried to get up to go on one knee and everything went pear shaped from there. I caught him trying to get the ring back in the box, to try a different approach.

It was perfect, floating box and all!


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