Louie and Richard

Louie and Richard

From the beginning Richard and I had this connection, we were friends before we became a couple and it was always so easy for us to speak about the future, what our hopes and dreams were… about marriage..kids – it all seemed so natural. So about a year and a half into our relationship my sister and her husband, having been married for a year decided to go on a “babymoon” trip through Europe and they asked us to go with. I was so excited and said yes straight away, Richard on the other hand was a bit more reserved, seeing that it was a lot of money, but at the end we decided to go and it was so worth it.

The holiday was magical, starting off in Berlin, and going to Amsterdam, Bruges, Paris and ending off in Rome. When arriving in Paris, we had so much to do and see, since we would only be there for 3 nights, we had to get in as much of Paris as we possibly could. The first day we took it quite relaxed, a little walking tour and a stop at the Moulin Rouge for a show. Then came Tuesday..

The day of exploring and what better way to do this then on an open top bus. Not the best idea i might add, it was freezing cold, wind got in everywhere, and after being on a bus for 4hours long, freezing to death a little, no wonder i started to feel flu-ish. After seeing all the major sites, Notre Dame, Arc de Triomph etc. the next thing on our itinerary was a wine tasting and afterwards a picnic in front of the Eiffel Tower, which i was really excited about. After walking around for an hour looking for this Wine place, we missed our wine tasting, by about 45 min, it was seriously impossible to find! Richard kind of ran off and we lost him as well for a while, it was a little bit of a disaster! But eventually with some hope and a little bit of prayer we found the place, but we were too late, luckily they were really kind as to give as a 15Euro voucher, since we prepaid for the wine tasting. It was the most expensive wine i have ever had per glass.

By this time, i wasn’t feeling to great, my head felt kind of puffy, eyes watering a bit and i just wanted to lie down. Now in the background (my sister and her husband knew that the proposal was happening today when we go picnic), i had no idea obviously and my sister casually said maybe we should skip the picnic and go home, since i wasn’t feeling very fresh – i refused to go back to the hostel, not knowing what was lying in store for me. So i put on my coat, pretended i was the healthiest person alive and we went to a wonderful street market, finding some deli meats, breads, fruit and cheeses for our picnic.

Here things started to get a little bit weird, they all kept telling me to go and see if i can find the Eiffel Tower and which way we needed to go so that they could sneak into a shop to buy champagne. So i kind of went with it… We walked and finally saw the Eiffel Tower, it really was an amazing site. Out the corner of my eye i could see my sister and Richard saying something and walking really close to each other, which once again thought it was weird.. but just went with it.

We sat down, on the Champ de Mars in front of the Eiffel Tower, took our shoes off and packed out our picnic (kind of looked like a rubbish dump with all the papers, but its the thought that counts!) Then all of a sudden my sister jumps up and says she will take some photos of us and off they went. So we were alone and i could see Richard was getting a little nervous. He kept telling me that he loves me, and he really couldn’t say much else.

Then he kind of turned away from me for a second and i could see him take out this small black velvet box, very slowly, and as soon as he had it half way towards me, i just started crying, not like shedding a tear i mean bawling my eyes out, i couldn’t breathe, i was so shocked… It was the most amazing moment of my life and this once in a lifetime moment never to be experienced again – so precious. By this time he hasn’t even asked me yet. So i calmed down eventually, wiped my tears and he was just smiling and laughing and then he asked me if i would marry him, and saying all these wonderful things, i couldn’t wait to say yes.


It is a memory that we will both cherish forever!


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