Michelle and Jamie

Michelle and Jamie

Jamie and I met on a blind date that had been set up by a colleague of my mom’s. I had never attempted the blind date scene as the thought terrified me and after agreeing to meet this strange man for coffee, I started wondering whether I had made the right decision and thought that he might be an axe murderer! Thankfully, he turned out to be a handsome and intelligent man from Zimbabwe and the romance blossomed immediately.

Just over two and a half years later, Jamie and I were planning to celebrate our anniversary as we did every month by doing something small like going to the movies, having dinner (whether out at a restaurant or a quiet home-cooked meal) or taking a stroll on the beach. Jamie had decided that for our January celebration we would go for a romantic stroll in the beach. He told me he needed to see a client before we headed to the beach.

None-the wiser, I obliged and we headed towards Prospecton (near the old airport) in Durban. When we arrived, Jamie told me that we were a little early as the client had requested that Jamie meet her at 18:00 to hand over some paperwork. Seeing as we were early, we stopped at a petrol station to grab a quick cup of hot chocolate and something to nibble on. Eventually, we headed towards Reunion Park and the place was rather derelict and I was getting a little worried. We drove around the park for awhile and Jamie’s client seemed to be a no show. Naturally I was getting rather uptight as I was in an unfamiliar place and it was getting late and we were meant to be on a romantic stroll. Jamie suggested we go for a walk on the beach to bide time and I reluctantly agreed.

There were many people on the beach and Blue Bottles everywhere. After walking for about a kilometre, I noticed a woman sitting on the beach and as we approached her she started walking towards us. As she got up to us she said that if we wanted a magnificent view of the beach and the setting sun we should walk up the sand dune to our left. She smiled and walked away from us and I thought it was sweet of her. In the distance I noticed a board which I assumed was a “No swimming of the beach” sign. As we got closer, it was actually a small chalk board covered in hearts with our names on it.

I was in complete disbelief! I had given Jamie such a hard time earlier and was feeling rather bad and emotional. He simply smiled and put his arm around me and suggested we walk up the sand dune. As we reached the top of the dune, there was a glass bottle wedged in the sand with a note in it, the note read “To precious moments past, to precious moments present, to precious moments yet to come and a love that will always last. I love you.” At this point I was not sure what was happening, everything felt so surreal.

A path way had been created in the sand with roses and branches had been staked into the sand so that wooden hearts in silver and red could be hung from them as well as little lanterns. As we came around the corner, we were met with a beautifully laid out picnic with rose petals scattered all over the blanket, champagne on ice and a bouquet of red roses and white St. Joseph Lilies. There was even a photo-frame with a picture of us in it. I was completely overwhelmed and couldn’t believe what Jamie had done.

We sat down and he gave me a big hug and asked if I was alright. I simply kept repeating “I can’t believe you did this! I’m sorry I was so grumpy.” He laughed and held me close. We chatted for a while and he explained that he had known that I always wanted to have a picnic and thought that this anniversary would be the perfect time to have one and that this was nothing special just him showing me how much he loved me. I still joked and said that one day when he does decide to pop the question that it would have to be something very spectacular to top this thoughtful gesture. He quietly smiled and said we should have some champagne. Jamie is not the type to really drink champagne and I couldn’t understand why he was drinking it so quickly. We enjoyed a few picnic snacks and every now and then when I looked over my shoulder I saw a pink camera sticking out amongst all the greenery. It was rather amusing and when I asked him what was going on he said that Amelia (the woman from the beach) had helped him set it all up and she offered to take a few photographs while we enjoyed our picnic.

The sun was setting and Jamie stood up looked out over the sea. I followed suit and stood next to him admiring the breathtaking view. He turned to me and with great emotion told me how much he loved me. My heart was racing as he sank to one knee and pulled out a small black box. Not taking his eyes off of me, he opened the box and asked me if I would spend the rest of my life with him. Without any hesitation I managed a meek “Yes”. It was the greatest gesture of love I have ever experienced. At that moment, I felt truly loved and appreciated.

I hope our story stands a chance! Either way, I am one lucky lady to have such an amazing man in my life.

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