Nicole and Justin

Nicole and Justin

I got engaged on 27 July 2013…on my crown birthday 🙂

My fiancé and I have been seeing each other for 12 years- high school sweethearts. So it goes without saying that we have been speaking of marriage for a while. I knew it would happen, but did not know when he would pop the question.

The week before my birthday my fiancé, Justin told me he would like to take me out for lunch on birthday. I did not see anything different about that, so I was happy as usual to be spoilt a bit on my birthday.

The day arrived, I woke up feeling a bit more excited than usual…after all it was my crown birthday! My mom was baking cake and when I asked why she replied saying that “you never know who might come around”. Her baking was unusual because she knew I had plans to go to a club the evening and would not be at home. This however, did not make me suspicious.

Justin came to pick me up at around 1:45pm and we were off to have lunch at a wine farm, Bon Amis (one of my favourite places). The ride was a bit quiet, he asked a few questions and said he hopes I enjoy my birthday. We were seated and ordered something, and he became very quiet. And all the time I was thinking “geez cheer up, its my birthday!!!” He told me he was going to the car to get his jacket as he was getting cold. He was gone for about 10mins…I started worrying! I thought he took off and left me there.

he eventually walks in with a big white box. He walks towards me and I whisper “what’s in the box???” he sits down and says its another gift for you…but please don’t react too emotionally. And I thought it was a puppy 🙂 (silly me)

He opens it and it is a big beautifully decorated cake saying “You were born a princess, so be my queen..Marry me..”

And obviously my first response was “are you for real???” he then takes a small box out of his pocket and its the ring…and he quietly asks me to marry him.

People around us took photo’s as I said “yes. of cause I will”  and the tears were obviously flowing right now!

It was truly magical. Even though we were surrounded by so many people, I felt like it was quiet and I was wrapped up in this very special moment.

We then left the restaurant and I thought we would go home  and tell our parents.

When we arrived at his house, he had arranged a surprise party for me (my very first), with our close family and close friends. It was amazing! Everyone knew about the proposal and all kept it a secret for him.


That night, we went out with the rest of our friends as a newly engaged couple…and it was the best night/day and birthday EVER!!

We have set a date for 6 September 2014.


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