Sheila and Taffy

Sheila and Taffy

My name is Sheila Kabugujjo and I would like to enter the South Africa’s Most Romantic Proposals 2014 Competition. Please see below my story as well as pics attached to accompany it.

My proposal came at a time when things were a bit hectic for me in terms of work and I was in the middle of brand planning.

Taffy and I met via social media and we immediately formed a relationship that grew from a friendship into something more. We would talk to each other for hours all day and always seemed to have so much to say to each other as the days went by. He took me out spoilt me rotten with flowers, gifts and even just notes with sweet words that pulled at my heart strings.

We had chatted many a time about marriage and having children but never had I though in a million years that after agreeing that we would only get engaged after being together for at least 2 years, that he would propose and we would be even more in love. But clearly he had another plan in his head.

So, it was Saturday 13 October 2012 we woke up bright and early to wish each other a Happy month Anniversary. I got up so I could get ready to head to work as I was meeting my team to finalise the brand plan presentation I woke him up with a kiss on the cheek and said Happy anniversary babe. He then woke up too and wished me a happy anniversary. I handed him a card and gift and he read the card and opened the gift and said “Thank you babe” and gave me a kiss. I then waited in anticipation for my gift and was told to go look around the house for a box and at that time I was clueless. So I did as I was told, I searched high and low for this box, in the kitchen, the bathroom, the lounge until eventually I gave up and I said “I can’t find the box babe, it’s not here.” He then replied, “Its ok babe come back to bed”. So I did and as I did I saw a black box on my pillow and I smiled. I tried to get too excited as I have seen this scene before on TV and in the movies where a girl gets excited and when the box is opened its just a pair of earrings or something. But not this little black box, I walked to my bed side and lifted the box, before I know it Taffy was at my feet, he slowly took the box and opened it and there it was, this shiny, sparkly rose gold, 2 carat diamond ring. I was speechless, my hands were shaking and tears of joy just ran down my face…he asked me “Will you do me the honour of being my wife?”. I was quiet until he said, “Babe, are you ok?”. I said “Yes, yes babe I will marry you.” We kissed and hugged and I was over the moon, I couldn’t stop smiling when I got to work that day but managed to keep it a secret for some time before I couldn’t anymore and I called and sms’d pictures to my older sister and girlfriends and of course my mom, who was overjoyed.

We have been engaged now for a little bit over a year and are due to get married in August 2014. We are still as in love as we were the first time we met, Taffy is my end and my beginning and I am truly blessed to have met such an amazing man, one who truly sees my beauty and truth inside and out.



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