Shelley and Campbell

Shelley and Campbell

I am going to tell you about one of the best days of my life:

It was our 1 year dating anniversary- 28 July 2013. Campbell (Cam), my Boyfriend at the time, said he was going to take me somewhere and I had to bring my swimming costume. I had NO clue what or where we were going.

My parents also said a while back that they were going away on 28 July 2013 (hmmm). Another thing was, that my mom insisted that she would pay for me to get my nails done (hmmm). Cam also said I must dress nicely.

So we set off, on a day filled with rain & rainbows. I was blindfolded and I had no cooking clue what was happening. He took me on a long drive- except he turned as if we were going to Cape Point, which was strange- because we never usually go that way. (I was guessing my way around). It was about 500m before we reached the destination that he told me to play my favourite song on my iPod, so I couldn’t see or hear what was happening.

Cam walked me down some stairs, I could vaguely hear birds. He took my blindfold off and we were on the Jetty of the lake at Cape Point Vineyards, which was my moms old farm, overlooking the whole valley. My whole family and all our good friends were there, holding up signs saying “HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!” I was soo shocked I burst into tears…. but wait, theres more!

He told me to put the blindfold back on, so I did. 10 seconds later he said I can take it off….. and at the same time he said: “Shelley Ann Morton, WILL YOU MARRY ME?” …………… of course I will (I said very quietly). I looked up and all my family & friends signs said: “WILL YOU MARRY ME?”

I laughed and cried. I said yes so quietly because I was soo overwhelmed & excited, then I looked at the ring….. whooooa! Amazing! There was a rainbow in the sky & we all celebrated with cake and champagne


So the parents going away for the day, getting my nails done, being at my moms old farm, Cams sister flying down from Nelspruit… was all part of the exciting plan of getting proposed to by my LOVE and being surrounded by so much LOVE xxx


What a wonderful proposal- I Love you Cam xxx

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