Simone and Marechelle

Our perfect love and proposal 🙂

The ring….. Myself and Marechelle decided to spend our lives together, the day he asked me to move in. Since day one we started looking for the perfect engagement ring. After about ten months, we found my ring and he gave a deposit on the ring, with a lot of excitement for the big question, there comes impatience especially when you know he bought the ring and it is somewhere in the house… (it wasn’t after alot of house searching projects), so eventually I gave up, let go and let God…

The day of the proposal, what a stressful day at work and Marechelle keeps bugging me “Come home I need help with work..”, after a while my father kept on phoning me as well and I got a bit worried. On my way home I couldn’t be more upset with this two men who just made my day alot more stressful, well more than I thought I could handle. As I get home Marechelle asks me to go with him to a client in Hartebeespoortdam and as usually I give in and assist even when I’m upset. Just before the Elephant Sanctuary he makes a quick turn saying “no I just want to find out a few things”, as we get there , blind as I am, there’s no cars but I just go ahead with him since Elephants are one of my most admiring animals (which he knew since we go to the Nature Reserves a lot). When we got there silly me the reception lady asks me “don’t you want to use the restroom, “sure thanks”, silly me not suspecting anything (gullible if you ask me).

So I thought wow now I feel bad for being so angry after the stressed day at work and all he wanted to do is surprise me. We fed the elephants, ride them and then walked with them. By then I suspected something was going on since we were the only ones there… but just when I thought he was going to ask me, the trainers said we can just take our last photos because it is closing time now.

When I got close to the elephant , Marechelle went down on his knees and by my surprise the elephant gave my ring box with his trunk. Marechelle asked the question, I didn’t have words, and then and only then did I know and realize how deeply I fell inlove with him over the years and all the prayers came true. Our wedding date, 22 November 2014 🙂

Life without him is not only unbearable, but unimaginable.


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