Stephanie and Llewellyn

Stephanie and Llewellyn

This is my proposal story 🙂

I was proposed to in September last year while my boyfriend and I were travelling overseas.  We decided to do an “amazing race” style Europe Trip where we visited 6 different countries in 3 weeks – we went to Belgium, Amsterdam, Rome, Switzerland, Paris and London – all of them were fantastic!

Before we left for our trip, a few of my family and friends asked me if I thought my boyfriend would propose – I mean, it has been almost 9 years that we have been together – high school sweethearts 🙂 but I didn’t think yet because we wanted to move in together first.

On our trip, we had the most amazing time, we saw so many places and did so many activities and during our trip I started wondering, “Maybe it will happen here :)”.  However, on our last night on our trip, nothing had happened as of yet which made me think that he wasn’t going to ask me and believe me when I say, I was quite bleak! The poor guy, I gave him a bit of a rough night with my mood and couldn’t tell him why I was feeling a bit upset.

The next day we packed up and left the hotel and he said that we should go for a walk in Hyde Park in London and I agreed.  It was beautiful, the trees were green, it was peaceful, there was a stunning lake and we sat on a bench under an oak tree.  He started chatting about how great this trip has been and how he is so happy with me and before I knew it, he was down on his knee in front of my with the most beautiful ring! I couldn’t believe it – completely caught off guard! Of course I said YES, YES, YES (with a few, “are you serious?” thrown in).  We had to leave afterwards to get our flight back home but I glowed the whole way home!!

He later explained to me that he had hung on to the ring our entire trip, looking for the perfect place to propose to me.  Going through airport/train/museum security and being searched at the airport in Paris wasn’t great, especially with an unknowing me standing next to him saying “why are you sweating so much?” didn’t help! On our trip we were so busy, we were with family and friends and Hyde Park was perfect for us, it was quiet, chilled and so romantic – the perfect time for him to ask the big question and the perfect way to end off our journey.

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