Tam and Grant

Tam and Grant

My name is Tam Ballard, and I think my fiance, Grant Powell outdid himself with the most romantic proposal! The planning that went into this was unbelievable and it turned out to be the most incredible night of our lives.

Grant and I met on a camping trip with friends down the south coast of KZN. We had so much fun together from the get go. We flew kites, caught ghost crabs on the beach had many braai’s and all those other great things you do when you’re camping. It was great, from the day we got back we started chatting and within a few months were official!

The engagement story is awesome! about a year and a half of dating, it was time, we were both so sure. We went to a Valentines concert in the botanical gardens of Durban with all our friends and both families. Gangs of Ballet were the band playing and they were backed by a 50 piece orchestra! The show was sold out, 5000 people! Grant had “gone to the loo”, but in actual fact had gone onto stage with a giant red heart with the words “Marry me?” on one side, and my name on the other. I had no idea the proposal was for me until I saw my name. I even said to my friend what a lovely and clever idea it was, before I knew this amazing proposal was for me! He bravely asked me to come up onto stage, I did, crying my eyes out with overwhelming joy. He got down on one knee, the crowd went crazy! He asked me to marry him and of course I said yes! When we returned to our picnic area, we were met with everyone holding sparklers and a confetti cannon which rained little red and silver hearts. The rest of the evening was a whirlwind of hugs, love, congratulations and admiring my incredible ring!

Attached are some photos from the evening as well as some pics of newspapers that we were in.



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