Talya and Bryan

Talya and Bryan

Bryan and myself have a long history which started before either of our dads were even married. They used to work together and became great friends as a result, after getting married our moms became great friends and after many occasions of baby sitting Bryan my mom said she wanted to have a little girl so that she could marry Bryan one day. Living in different towns our families always stayed quite close but Bryans journey lead him to London and it was only many years later during an impulsive trip down to Cape Town that we reconnected and  the start of our wonderful journey together started.

I was living in Cape town at the time and him in London so our first two years were spent apart, saving every cent for flights to try and see each other as much as possible. It was the best and hardest 2 years of my life as every wonderful hello we knew would be quickly followed by another terrible goodbye and a few months of not seeing each other, but while people were sceptical as to whether we would survive the long distance i truly believe that it taught us so many things but most importantly the foundation of communication, because when you live so far apart thats all you have.

I came over to London last June as I finally managed to get a visa to move over…not an easy process when you have a green mumba passport. It was during this trip that he suggested we go away to the Lake district, thinking nothing more than just an excuse to get away and spend as much time before I left again. On the day he suggested we go cycling…lets just say I loved cycling on the down hills and hated every second on the uphills, but he let on to nothing, we found a spot alongside the lake and had lunch and it was only then that he said we need to be back at the hotel by 4, when I asked him why he simply just said that he found something fun to do and its a surprise…again…didnt think anything of it as he does this. He told me to dress warmly and wear sensible shoes as we were walking….and my response ‘you just made me cycle all day and now we are going walking!” cringe!

Once we got to our destination there was a little yacht on the lake and a wonderful welsh couple waiting for us who were in on everything,on arriving and them seeing my surprise they played along and said ‘oh did you not know about this?’ and when i responded no, they gushed about how sweet bryan is. After a weekend of overcast and rainy weather, it was truly amazing how the clouds all cleared and the sun came out for the most beautiful evening. We sailed to the middle of the lake and the welsh couple said they were going to jump in to the little boat which was attached and leave us just to enjoy the scenery and they would come back in 2 hours. but their little boat wouldnt start so I kept saying come back on board and have a glass of wine with us…the more the merrier…lets just say bryan made sure that he got the boat working. Once they had gone and it was just the 2 of us sitting in the middle of the lake with the most beautiful evening and a glass of wine that bryan dropped down to one knee and asked me to marry him. It was the most magical moment. The cherry on top was when I got to phone my mom and tell her that her wish that she had before I was even born had come true, she reminded me of a moment we had shared when I was 4 when she jokingly asked me who I wanted to marry one day and I very emphatically said…… “I want to marry Bryan”


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