Toyah and Derrick

Derrick and i have been dating for 5 years.. He is my best friend & we bring out the best in each other**

When actually have an amazing that has brought us this close.. We are both 5 years sober 🙂 We met when we were both close to rock bottom.. We had a lot of ups & downs! We’ve been through so much & i know in my heart that we will spend the rest of our lives together**

It wasn’t easy in the beginning.. There was a lot of pain & heart ache but now we wake up every morning happy, in love & stronger!

It was 2 months after my birthday & he told me he wanted to take me away but the place was fully booked.. He even blind folded me on the way 🙂 I kinda had a feeling (or hope) that there was a ring involved because we had spoken about marriage before.. When we arrived the lady at the recpetion was very excited to meet me (Que alarm bells in head ~But i didn’t want to get my hopes up) the venue was BEAUTIFUL.. He took me to “Makaranga Game Lodge”

At dinner i did wonder if he was planning to pop the question.. It was such a beautiful setting & the food was amazing.. But there was no ring over dinner hehehehe.. The next day we were getting ready for breakfast & to spend the day walking through the stunning gardens.. I remember him saying he forgot his wallet in the car & went to go fetch it.. I remember thinking after a while that he had taken some time but never thought twice about it.. We went for breakfast & then headed to the gardens..

As we were walking through the gardens we went through the “Japanese Gardens” when i saw there was a little picnic set up at a table.. I remember wondering if it was set up for me & to my delight it was 🙂 But now you can imagine every alarm bell going off in my head**

We finished lunch & there was still no sign of a ring 🙂 I thought to myself “He must be waiting for tonight” so as we were leaving we went through a little back path that leads to our room.. I remember looking down & seeing a trail of rose petals on the floor.. Before i could even think or gather my thoughts he stopped at the end of the petal trail, turned around & took my hands.. I was now bawling my eye’s out.. I didn’t expect it.. Totally out of the blue & perfect!! He said the most sweetest things to me.. Went on one knee & asked me to make him the happiest man & to be his wife!!

It was the perfect moment & the most romantic proposal**

I still remember that day like it was yesterday~~



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