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Vicki and Marius

The day that changed the course of two lives forever…19 January 2014

My fiancé makes a habit of buying me flowers once a month, and we do a fancy dinner every month…just because I like to dress up ☺

The story unfolds, one week ahead of time

Knowing that I was having a rough month at work, on the 13th of January, he notified me to keep Sunday open for a day out with him, so I can just relax a little, and we can have some quality time

I also had to prepare 12 deep, well thought out questions for him, that I have never asked before (…knowing my inquisitive mind will gladly accept the challenge)

With great anticipation, Sunday arrived, and with it, a breathtakingly beautiful bouquet of red roses and lilies

He was picking me up for church, and we were nearly late because I wanted to tend to my flowers first!

After a great service at church (regarding the identity of the man….very appropriate at that time)

We did a quick stop at both homes for a change into more comfortable clothes

Whisking me away in great anticipation, to a secret destination, with a promise that it will be a day filled with fun and surprises

Our stop was The Cableway at Hartbeespoort dam

We took the amazing trip to the top of the majestic Magalies mountains, with the misty weather creating a romantic atmosphere like no other

Up on the mountain, seated at one of the local restaurants, we had a lovely lunch, and some deep discussions, and load of laughs

Fuelled and ready for the paved pathways on top of the mountain, that was created for a 360 degree view of everything as far as the eye could see, it started to rain

Full of laughs, shelter was found

After a while, with only a soft drizzle left, we discovered the surrounding area, and the fact that the Coca-Cola Dome can be seen from the mountain top

Fresh air, wild flowers in bloom everywhere…I could not think of a more romantic setting than right there!

But nothing happened…

The trip down to “base camp” was over far too quickly, but browsing the souvenir shop made up for it

With hands full of sweets, souvenirs and memories to last a lifetime, we set out for a drive around the dam, and the best Mugg & Bean Hot Chocolate that the cold weather could ask for!!

Hours of laughs, amazing sights and prized memories, we headed back to Pretoria late afternoon

I had a Sunday school class to attend to, but with the promise of our usual dress-up dinner of the month, we parted ways for a couple of hours

Dress, hair and make-up check and we were ready for the night out

On time as always, I was picked-up, and with great anticipation, we set off to our next surprise destination

Casa Toscana supplied just the right setting and atmosphere, in a private corner of the outdoors restaurant

Soft lighting, perfect background music and impeccable service created an air of pure bliss

A started was shared, some romantic moments, and a main meal to follow

The 12 weighted questions was discussed, pondered, and viewed in amazement at some points, but the evening felt timeless, lost in a capsule of joy and fulfilment

And the next moment he was next me, on bended knee, ring in hand, with a glow in his eye that melted my heart forever!

In full embrace, he held me tight, and prayed the most amazing prayer I have ever heard him pray, with true sincerity and thankfulness

The next moment, I realized it was not just the tears flowing freely from my eyes, but that a soft rain from blessed skies above, covered us in an everlasting promise!

And that is the story of out engagement!

I have attached some extra photos from the day

Some background on the two main characters in my story:

Male lead role (Marius):

He is a draughtsmen at an Electrical Engineering company

Volunteering at Echo and a devoted Doxa Deo church member

He love cycling and running and has an inquisitive approach to life, liking to make anything technical and electrical work

Female lead role (Vicki):

Is an accountant, working at a church, and also a live-in house mother at Echo

Echo is a non-profit organisation, with houses for high school students that has been remove into places of safety, and come from challenged circumstances.

With 10 teenagers in the house she lives in, the only hobby she can afford is running AGN races on Saturdays


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