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Some Fashion Tips for the Grooms …

So much is written on wedding dresses for the bride that we thought the bridegrooms also need to know the yeah’s and nay’s of dressing up and looking perfect for their big day! These are some of the trends we have spotted for the guys in 2012.

Grey, grey and more grey…that seems to be the most popular colour on the men’s catwalks at the beginning of 2012. From pale grey through to dark charcoal, grey it is! The jacket is close fitting, often with one button. Fabrics are sometimes shiny but this is obviously personal preference. Shirts are generally white with the colour coming in the tie, or pale grey. Some ties are  shiny and some have elaborate knots. The tie will more often than not match the colour scheme of the wedding. Bow ties and tuxedos also feature for the more formal style of wedding. If you do not wish to wear a tie that is also ok but remember to button your shirt right up to the top – your wedding is not the occasion for showing off your manly chest unless you are getting married on the beach!

If your wedding is on the beach the trend is to wear a casual linen suit or pants and jacket in a pale beige or white with a white shirt hanging out to give a stylish look.

For a bush wedding the neutral beiges are perfect. Team the trousers up with a white or blue shirt. This is definitely an opportunity to lose the tie and be more casual.

If your culture or background is important to you, it can be reflected in your outfit. So if you are of Scottish descent you may wish to wear a kilt, likewise if you are Indian you may wish to wear a tunic or a turban.


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