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Decor Style – Choose your Theme

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Decor Style – Choose your Theme

Your wedding day is one of the most important days of your life and you want to make sure everything is on the mark. Your décor colour and theme is no exception. It is a difficult decision to make but I hope this article will help you.

The most important decision is to decide on a décor style. Once you have made this decision, then everything else can follow on from this. We think the following categories will be helpful in finding your décor style that you wish to follow: seasonal, rustic, garden, urban, seaside and cultural.

The most obvious way to choose your style is to follow on from the venue you have chosen for your wedding. If you have a venue overlooking the sea, then the seaside décor style would follow on from this. Your colour scheme is easy to choose, and the room décor can follow the beach theme. The colour of your bridesmaids’ dresses, table linen, flowers and room décor would follow on from the beach theme. Comb the beach for shells, driftwood and interesting pieces of glass, etc that you could incorporate into your décor theme. It is important to remain disciplined with your choice otherwise you could land up with a bit of a “fruit salad” mix-up.

A Seasonal theme can look stunning. Spring with fresh greens, pale pinks and other pastel colours give you a wide range to choose from. Team this up with your favourite spring flowers, a menu composed of seasonal fresh vegetables and fruits and you have a winner. Go with brighter colours like shocking pink or cooler blues for a summer wedding, oranges, golds and reds for an autumn wedding and silver, white and blue for a winter wedding. Remember to take the theme through your wedding, from your invitations, place cards, colours for flowers, table linen, chair covers and bows, flowers for the ceremony, reception and your bouquet and even the colours the wedding party should wear. A rustic theme can combine earthy elements like bowls of richly coloured fruit used as table decorations, neutral shades teamed up with orange or deep forest green for the table linen and bridesmaids’ dresses. If your venue is in the country or has a thatched roof with open rafters and open fireplaces, this theme can work really well. If you are offering guests a cocktail drink while your photographs are being taken, remember to serve one that matches your colour scheme.

If you are having your wedding in a marquee or a bedouin free form tent, a garden theme would be perfect. You may be able to hire crockery with a flower or leaf motif or your overlays could have a botanical print or a trellis design. This would work especially well if you are having a breakfast, lunch time or tea time wedding. The marquee could be decorated with loads of greenery to add to the garden effect. Have your wedding cake decorated with plenty of fresh flowers to continue the theme.

An urban theme is perfect for a more formal, sophisticated wedding. Black and white looks stunning and can be teamed up with mirrored vases and tall silver candelabra on the tables. Use black tablecloths with square white crockery and white flowers to really make a statement. Have white chairs with black bows or black and white striped bows. Add some shocking pink as an accent colour to really knock them out!

A cultural theme is a fantastic choice for us in South Africa as we have a wealth of diverse cultures that make up our nation. Many South Africans live overseas and come home for their weddings thus ensuring family and friends can attend their wedding. Many people from other countries get married in South Africa to take advantage of our stunning venues, great weather and favourable exchange rate. An African theme is a wonderful choice as it lends itself to creating a memorable wedding. Choose from the colours of the African sunset for your wedding colour scheme. Team these up with flowers picked from our indigenous list, such as proteas in an array of colours from palest pink to orange and yellow. Use paper hand made from elephant dung (yes, really) for your invitations and place names and decorate with porcupine quills, feathers, dried leaves and seeds. Use African mud cloth on the tables, hang lanterns to add romantic ambiance and loads of candles. Use a carved wooden bowl as a ring bearer. As favours you can have bead and wire ornaments made by our many talented artists to give to guests. African artefacts are readily available in South Africa and as the saying goes “local is lekker”!

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