Janita and Marius

I’ve always wanted to get married. And when Marius and I got together I immediately knew he was the one. We started going out on the 1st of October 2011, which was already a sign of the fairy [...]

Lauren and Gregg

Lauren & Greg 24th December 2012, a very windy and humid day in Margate KZN. Gregg decided that he wanted to take the whole family (Mom, dad, Sister, Brother and Nan) for a spin in one of the [...]

Jaimie and Stewart

One very hot & humid evening in August 2005, a girl at a very packed night club with her new boyfriend, was introduced to a guy that had quite conveniently & somewhat by chance shared a [...]

Roxanne and Daniel

n the 15th March 2013 I celebrated my 26th Birthday. It is a tradition in our family that when it’s your birthday, you start the day with singing and opening your gifts. This my mother and [...]

Manja and Jonathan

Before I start I would like to tell you a tiny bit about my fiance and I. I am an Afrikaans-kaalvoetkind born and raised in Durbanville, Cape Town – where I spend the majority of my life [...]