Kate & Rudy

Before I begin the story a few bits of info: Kate and I are High School sweethearts and have been dating for 13 years(I had to be sure). March is Kate’s Birthday month and during this time [...]

Rune & Gert

My mom always tells me, when Gert, my fiance, came into my primary school in Grade 2 I rushed home that afternoon and told her I found the boy I want to marry some day. It took him a little [...]

Stacy & Mike

In January 2013 Mike moved to Australia. We had been dating for four years and his move was not a decision that was made easily, but his sister was over there and he had been stuck in a rut work [...]

Friedel & Naldo

A short version of my proposal to Friedel… As South Africans we are watching programs like The Bachelor & Bachelorette, thinking ‘wow that looks so romantic’. My fiance is [...]

Lee & Keith

Keith and I met 10 years ago (in 2003) – I was working for a Fruit and Veg Supplier at the time and Keith was Managing a Pizza Shop – he would phone to order stock and we would chat [...]