Lizelle and Johan

Lizelle and Johan [three_fifth] [dropcap color=”rosy”]W[/dropcap]e’ve been together for 5 years and by this time I just gave up hope on ever getting engaged. We whet camping [...]

Loria and Chris

Loria and Chris [three_fifth] [dropcap color=”rosy”]C[/dropcap]hris and I met on 31 May 2010 in Pretoria and it was love at first sight!! We have been inseperable ever since! We live [...]

Michelle and Nick

Michelle and Nick [three_fifth] [dropcap color=”rosy”]T[/dropcap]he man of my dreams (Nicholas Daniel Martin) booked us a holiday, at the time the destination was unknown to me [...]

Letitia and Casper

Letitia and Casper [three_fifth] [dropcap color=”rosy”]W[/dropcap]e got engaged on the 29th of September =) It was the prettiest, most romantic proposal that I will never EVER forget. [...]

Lauren and Deon

Lauren and Deon [three_fifth] [dropcap color=”rosy”]M[/dropcap]y mother moved to Florida USA 8 years ago and because of financial reasons I could not visit the USA and she could not [...]