Kirsten and Ashton

Kirsten and Ashton Kirsten’s Version: For our three year anniversary Ashton said that we were going on a surprise date! And we all know how much ladies LOVE surprises…. But I had no idea [...]

Lara and Jason

Lara and Jason Jason and I have been dating for over four and a half years now, but I had my eye set on him long before he even knew who I was. We both attended the same high school and I first [...]

Kiara and Tyler

Kiara and Tyler So it was the hottest day of summer in Cape Town and we had arranged to go to Clifton for a date day, but I knew something was up when he phoned and said he was going to meet at [...]

Kashy and Terence

Kashy and Terence Our Proposal: In bed, breakfast 10 years later… The last day of being 29, we planned my 30 Birthday party that Saturday Night – so I would turn 30 years old with our friends and [...]

Jessica and Mark

Jessica and Mark My name is Jessica Schindler, on the 16th February 2014 my boyfriend proposed to me, this is how it happened… We were in the Kruger National Park which is my absolute [...]