4 Cute Wedding Ideas to Steal

We found a few great ideas for you to use in your wedding to make it a little bit more memorable…

Wedding Ideas: A Letter of Love

What a great idea! At your wedding, instead of a guest book, get all your guests to write their messages on a big initial of your new shared last name. You can frame it or hang it in your house afterwards, serving as a reminder of your special day with all your special guests.


Framed in Love

Get your flower girl and pageboy to hold up a frame as you walk up the isle after the wedding ceremony. It makes for such an awesome photo!


The Bridesmaids

Get all your bridesmaids to write how how you met or how you are related and get your photographer to take a picture. Such a cool idea and a photograph you will always cherish. Better yet, if you are a bridesmaid you could arrange it as a surprise for the bride – one that she can discover when she gets her wedding photos!

bridesmaids pic idea

Here Comes The Bride

We have been seeing a lot of these awesome signs held by the pageboy or flower girl and we love them. Best thing is that you can customise the message to fit with you as a couple!



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