Wedding Canapé Ideas – Canapés in Shot Glasses

We think any food looks fab and sophisticated in a shot glass. Even a toasted cheese can be given a makeover and be made pretty enough to be served at a wedding. If you are looking for wedding food that is in no way boring then consider serving your canapés in shot glasses. Take a look at some of the prettiest examples we have found…

Canapes in Shot Glasses

1. Chicken satay and sauce in a shot glass.2. White pizza dip with Focaccia, recipe over at Tablespoon 3. A twist on an old classic – the prawn cocktail! Don’t these look divine? Image courtesy of Joanna Jones  4. Mini burgers with a shot of fries and T sauce please! Picture courtesy of Lil Sugar 5. Asparagus soup is delicious and refreshing and perfect for summer weddings! 6. Olives and feta Greek canapé shots. So pretty and 2 of the yummiest goodies together! Image courtesy of AGFG. 7. Pour shop-bought Gazpacho into frozen shot glasses, sprinkle with chopped chives and garnish with a plump, pink tiger prawn hung on the side of the glass for a stylish start to the evening. Picture courtesy of Martini Mum. 8. 3. Toasted cheese sandwiches with tomato soup shots. Picture courtesy of Lil Sugar.

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