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Being asked to be the bridesmaid…

It is really exciting to be asked by your best friend to be her chief bridesmaid or maid-of-honour! The proposal and the ring will definitely sweep the bride off her feet, so it is important to keep your feet on the ground and help her plan for the most important day of her life. She has also chosen you because she trusts you and knows that you will support her during her engagement up to her wedding day. Here are some of the duties that you will be responsible for to ensure that her wedding day is as hassle free and stress free as possible!

Your duties as a bridesmaid…

Your duties will include party or event planning, co-ordinating the wedding day, and of course always being there for her emotionally.

Your first duty will be to help her choose a dress. Make it as fun as possible and persuade her to try on as many styles as possible to find the perfect dress. If she is having her dress made you must accompany her to fittings. You will also be responsible for helping her find outfits for the bridesmaids and the rest of the wedding party. Be prepared to pay for your own dress and shoes if the bride is on a budget.

Once she has chosen a venue, take some time to visit it with her so you can get a feel of what is expected on the wedding day and what the programme of events will be. If it is a venue where the wedding party spend the night after the wedding, be prepared for this expense as well.  Write the programme of events out so you can memorise it and make sure you are completely au fait with the sequence of events. This will take a load of pressure off her shoulders on the day.

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Assist her with addressing her invitations and also with keeping lists of who is attending/not attending. Lists, lists and more lists are part of planning an event such as this, so the more the better!

Nearer the wedding date, you will be required to plan her bachelorette/hen party and to let the guests know what sort of gifts to bring. Her personality will pretty much dictate what type of party it will be. Maybe a high tea at a local hotel in the afternoon for the older guests and mothers would be a good idea, and then a more serious party for the evening. It will be your responsibility to buy the decorations, props and her dress-up outfit. You will have to keep a list of what presents she received so she can send out thank you notes or emails.

On the wedding day you will be expected to make sure that service providers keep to their schedules. You will be with the bride for most of the day while the bridal party get hair and makeup done, and finally helping her get dressed into her wedding dress and making sure she is on time for the ceremony. Remember to organise snacks, teas, coffees and non-alcoholic drinks for the day and make sure that the bride has something to eat.

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You will help her out of the car at the ceremony and make sure her dress, veil and train are all as they should be. At the ceremony you will take her bouquet from her. After the ceremony you will be with the couple for the signing of the register and you will sign as one of the witnesses.

At the reception your duty is to make sure the bride has something to eat as she will be too busy and may need a reminder. You should accompany her on her bathroom breaks to make sure her dress is looking beautiful, her hair looks good and her makeup still in place. You will join in the first dance with the best man. If you wish you may also give a speech about the bride.

After the wedding reception you may have to help ensure that the presents are safe and taken away from the venue at the end of the evening.

Being the chief bridesmaid is an honour, but is a big responsibility and can cost you a lot of money, so before you accept, you must be aware of the duties you are letting yourself in for.

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