Take the Best 10 Tips from the Royal Wedding for Your Wedding

1.Choose a classic dress that will age well. Kate’s dress will still look elegant when she looks at these pictures in 20 years time without cringing!

2. Kate had her hair styled in a way that William would still recognise her. Is it a good idea not to stray too far from what you normally look like? This is who he fell in love with, after all!

3. Kate applied her own makeup – maybe not a good idea unless you are really proficient in this department. But it is a good idea to keep it natural looking!

4. Choose your bridesmaid’s dress carefully. Kate’s sister, Pippa, nearly stole the show from her sister in that figure-hugging gorgeous white dress. These sisters obviously have a very special relationship with no jealousy issues or sibling rivalry.

5. William and Kate had a very traditional wedding ceremony which may start a trend away from casual modern ceremonies back to the more traditional. Its your choice!

6. Loved the use of trees in Westminster Abbey. You can do it on a smaller scale by using green plants instead of pricey flowers. Plant out the trees in your garden afterwards as a “green” memento to your wedding!

7. As William and Kate did, choose music and hymns for your ceremony that you like. Unlike the royal couple who had to go the more traditional route, you can also choose your own vows for your ceremony. You can also choose special family members and friends to participate in the ceremony as Kate did with her brother reading during their ceremony in the Abbey.

8. As the royal couple did (reportedly), enjoy your reception. Your special day is one that you will want to remember for ever!

9. You dont have to choose a slow song for that important first dance. William and Kate danced to “You’re the one that I want” from the movie “Grease” mouthing the words and pointing to each other much to the enjoyment of the crowd!

10. Remember, you are the prince and princess on your wedding day! Enjoy your day! Even if your budget is not the size of Kate and Williams, your wedding is just as special to you and your family!