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Why bother…

Engagement parties have become increasingly popular over the past few years and it has now become almost customary for newly engaged couples to announce their exciting news through the party.

An engagement party creates the perfect opportunity to celebrate with the couple’s closest friends and family.

Engagement parties should be planned not by the couple themselves but by a close friend, sibling or parents.

The party planner

When planning an engagement party it is best to stick to what the bridal couple would want. If they are a modest couple they are not going to appreciate an over the top soiree. If you are planning an engagement for a couple its best to ask them what they want just to give you a guideline. If you are planning your own engagement party stick to what you and your fiancé want and not what everyone else wants.

As to not incur too many costs for your engagement party you should host a cocktail party or a brunch. You do not want to be stuck with a bill for a 3 course dinner and drinks. Keep it casual and keep the costs down. You will need all the money you can save for your actual wedding. Also keep the guest list small and the gathering intimate. It is not necessary to invite everyone you are inviting to the wedding – it should just be a small affair. If you are planning an engagement party for someone else, ask them for a guest list of who they want to invite. It should definitely be up to the couple as to who to invite. Some couples even like to invite guests who will not be coming to the wedding to include them in the celebrations.

To gift or not to gift

Should guests bring gifts to an engagement party? It is not expected to bring a gift to an engagement party. If you do want to bring something keep it small and unassuming. A nice bottle of wine or sparkling wine is enough.

If you are planning the engagement party, be sure that who ever is paying for the party has agreed to the guest list and the costs. The engagement party does not have to be a huge statement. It is simply a celebration of the life the couple are going to be sharing.

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[blockquote align=”center”]Plan a few games for the engagement party. Its sure to break the ice[/blockquote] [/one_fourth_last]