Cape Town Wedding Venues

Cape Town wedding venues are internationally renowned. It is not hard to see why when you see what is out there. Cape Town is the ideal places to celebrate your union. More couples than ever are choosing to get married at Cape Town wedding venues. So, if it is natural beauty you are after, Cape Town will be the perfect location for your big day!

Do you want to spend the day embraced by the city’s indescribably majestic Table Mountain? We have a delicious array of wedding venues on the menu for you. Cape Town’s city bowl is indeed a sight to behold. The vibrant city life is intermingled with the glorious greenery. Renowned luxury hotels provide an ideal setting for ceremonies. The many forests and open spaces in the area, allow for excellent photographic backdrops. These photogenic spaces are situated very close to most popular wedding venues. A wedding in the centre of Cape Town is sure to be an amazing event!

One cannot think of Cape Town wedding venues without conjuring the idea of pristine Cape Town beaches. When it comes to beach weddings, Cape Town is a top destination globally as with most venues in Cape Town the beaches are very diverse in their beauty. Such extremes as the palm-treed paradise of Camps Bay to the quaint seaside village feel of Simon’s Town. Cape Town has something for each couple\’s unique needs. So if you are looking for the perfect beach wedding setting, Cape Town is your answer. It would be impossible to take you through all the phenomenal Cape Town wedding venues has to offer. Take a look at the great options we have for you above.

The wealth of beauty of the Mother City is utterly astounding. The only problem is, with so much choice on offer, how on earth does one decide?

Our advice? Try to decide on a type of venue. Is it your dream to get married on the beach? Or perhaps in the city? Or on a winefarm? Try to figure this out first. Once you have decided it should make the decision that much easier. Take a look at all your favourite Cape Town wedding venues closely. Narrow down your list. When the time comes to make the final decision between all the different South African wedding venues, you want to make an informed one. What may be an ideal wedding venue for one couple, may not be for another. Research. Talk. Share your wedding dreams with one another. You are bound to find the wedding venue that epitomizes your love for one another!

Once you have found the perfect venue, the rest of the wedding will fall into place.

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Always dreamed of getting married on the beach? Or maybe you want elephants and bushveld! We have it all on South African Wedding Venues, organized for your convenience by province and property type.

*Image: Irene Country Lodge